Disney Infinity is back and better than ever with there 3rd edition in the video game franchise, Disney Infinity 3.0. But Disney Infinity 3.0 isn’t like the past editions of the hit game, it’s better. Why is that? Because Star Wars has finally joined the ranks of all the other Disney characters. Remember when people were worried when Disney bought Star Wars? Hahahahaha.

Disney Infinity 3.0 can either be bought digitally or in a brand new starter pack. The brand new starter pack is a Star Wars edition, featuring Anakin and Ahsoka from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the Twilight of the Republic play set piece which unlocks the game. In it is also the 3.0 base and a digital code to unlock the characters online. For beginners and seasoned Disney Infinity fans like myself, the new 3.0 starter pack is perfect! It includes everything you need to get the game going and, like I said, includes Ahsoka which makes for the best starter pack in Disney Infinity history. (In my opinion, that is.)

Screen-Shot-2015-05-05-at-2.34.42-PMSo while I could go on and on about the two figures included in this play set, I’ll move onto the actual game itself. For those who don’t know, Disney Infinity is an expandable game, which means that the games are quite endless. Yes, you can beat the main game included with each set you buy within about 5-6 hours, but with Disney Infinity, more are being made all the time. As of right now, since the 3.0 set is new, the only games available for purchase (they all come with two figures, a collectible card, and a play set piece which contains the game itself) are Twilight of the Republic, Rise of the Empire, and an Inside Out set. I, so far, have only played the Twilight of the Republic set because the Rise of the Empire set is currently only available in the PS3/PS4 deluxe edition set. But don’t fear! The set will becoming to all other systems very soon, just not quite yet.

The Twilight of the Republic game is probably the most fun I’ve ever had in a Disney Infinity game. It all takes place during the prequel trilogy, so you battle General Grievous and Darth Maul. Those are your two enemies and you go through various battles to get to them. I haven’t played too much of the past Disney Infinity games because I always end up going to the Toy Box, which a customizable play area where you can build and do anything your mind can create, but I didn’t think Twilight of the Republic would be as hard as it was. It’s not like Dark Souls or anything, but it has its challenges and is a whole lot of fun! Being a Jedi and running around Tatooine, Coruscant, and Naboo was quite the treat. You also fly yourself to each of the planets making for some space battles worthy of a heart eye emoji.

star-wars-disney-infinity-3The controls are simple, but each character has different functions and abilities. For example, I played most of the game as Ahsoka who has dual lightsabers, can throw them, use the Force, etc, But being the Star Wars fan that I am, I did pick up extra figures for the game. I got Zeb, Sabine, Darth Vader, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kanan, and Ezra. These figures are available for separate purchase and make the game that much better. You may think you can use the Star Wars Rebels figures within the Twilight of the Republic set and you’d be right, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. During the game, you must find the character coins which then unlock the characters. Then you’ll be able to play with them in game. So far I have managed to find them all except for Sabine and Zeb. (If you know where they are, tweet me please!)

But if you do have trouble finding them in game, don’t worry because you can also play with the characters inside the Disney Infinity Toy Box! The Toy Box, like I said, is an open area where you can build and do whatever your Disney heart desires. For a limited time, when you connect your Disney account to your game (which I highly recommend doing), you will unlock Hera and the Ghost, which is a flyable vehicle and is quite possibly the coolest ship ever. (And while I’m glad they decided to include Hera in the game, it was the least they could do. She’s not a playable character, just more of a background piece you can’t even talk to. I do wish she’d have gotten her own figure. Everyone else did, so why not Hera? Again, this delves into the #WheresHera campaign. I am holding out hope though. Hera and Chopper playset? Yes please!)

I got about 5-6 hours of gameplay out of the Twilight of the Republic set and I’ll say it again, it was the most fun I’ve ever had with Disney Infinity. Everything about it made me smile, including the music, which I feel like they did such an amazing job on. The music of Star Wars is such a key factor into the success of the Star Wars franchise and to see the music used in various fights and scenes made my heart race with excitement. Disney Infinity 3.0 has truly set the bar high for future Disney Infinity releases. And while I don’t think they could top a set like this, I’m sure they will because not only are we getting the Rise of the Empire set, which includes Luke and Leia, we will be getting The Force Awakens Disney Infinity line sometime within the year, featuring Finn and Rey. (There’ll be others, those are just the first two confirmed characters.)

Basically, run don’t walk and go buy Disney Infinity 3.0. It’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll make this year. With future playsets and figures being released, there’s no reason not to snag one of the year’s best games.