Hello lovely geeks, this month I have things to show and share! I’ll tell you all about the lovely item I got to review, and then, what’s even better? There’s a very special prize for you to win too!

This month I’d love to introduce you to an Etsy shop – DeBoop Shop – run by the delightful mother/daughter duo Kelly and Nell. Their shop offers a variety of items, but the two that will jump out at you immediately are their felt masks and their key fobs. The range of fandoms covered by their shop is stellar. Trust me when I say you’ll find more than one thing to *squee* over. I know I did!

I was fortunate enough to get to take a storm trooper mask for a test drive.


The first time I got to wear it only lasted for about 5 minutes, at which point my husband demanded the chance to try it on. He then proceeded to wear it for another 10 minutes while quoting Star Wars lines at me and insisting that these weren’t the droids he was looking for.

If you’ve ever donned a mask for any reason, let me explain one very salient point, they usually aren’t all that comfortable. Most masks pinch or pucker, obscure a portion of your visual field, or they smell kind of strange. This is NOT the case with a mask from DeBoop Shop.

The excellent work that goes in to the creation of each of their items means that I get to wear a mask that looks great while being breathable, and it doesn’t halfway blind me. To prove my point about visibility, I’m wearing it right now while I write this article. Better yet, as I could tell immediately after Chris tried it out, the cut is such that it will still look great and fit well no matter what facial shape you have. The felt is smooth and not irritating against sensitive skin. The sturdy and comfortable construction of their masks means you can wear them to any event or evening with the confidence that it will stay in place and look fantastic for as long as you wear it! (If you love the funky nasty smell of a latex plastic masks, then I’m sorry, you’ll just have to go elsewhere. Also, I’m not sure we can still be friends if you like that smell.)

The next thing that really excites me is that they offer both adult and children’s sizes. I’m expecting little geek number one just before Halloween this year, and I can’t wait to order him his first geeky dress up items!

Now, let me share a little about Kelly. Since I had the privilege of working with her to put together this article and giveaway, she was awesome enough to share some information on what makes her tic, and a little from behind the scenes at DeBoop Shop.

Your current top 5 geek loves. 

  • Star Wars
  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Big Hero 6
  • Wreck-It Ralph
  • Food Wars! Shokugeku no Soma
  • (and Simon Pegg *swoon*)   [we’re totally supportive of your #6 Kelly]

What first inspired you to start your business? 

We both work day jobs that we would love to leave some day, but the real inspiration was necessity & dreams. When you are craft addicts like we are you can only keep so many masks, dolls & key fobs before they start to take over the house. But we just can’t stop making. It’s what we do & what we love, even better when we get to do it together. So the next logical step had to be sell goodies so we can make more goodies, right? We thought so. And that’s what we did last year when we opened our Etsy shop.

We have been attending craft shows for the last 25 years as a hobby, but last year is when we started treating things like a business and opened up our online shop.

Felt Doll

Your business is a family affair, do you and your Mom have any tips on dividing work time from family time?

Really we should be asking others for tips on this. Haha!

We really are the worst at keeping shop talk out of family time. Because we love what we make & being able to work together so much, it tends to enter the conversation just about every time we get together. Need an example? My mom is on vacation this week, but she was so excited about some ideas she had for new shop items that she just had to call me so we could brainstorm. It’s a good thing we have such a supportive & understanding family!

Do you have a favorite mask?

If you asked me last month I would say hands down the Black Dragon Mask, but now I have a hard time deciding between that and our Honey Lemon Hero Mask. And GoGo Hero Mask. And Inside Joy Mask. And…well pretty much all of them. Have I mentioned how much I love the perks of testing out the masks before we list them? Haha!

What has been your favorite item to design so far?

It definitely has to be the baby Yoda Jedi Master Baby Beanie. I love playing with yarn and am a sucker for hats with ears. Plus there’s the whole Star Wars thing. Want an little inside secret? We are actually working on some more adorable hat designs for the shop, and hope to get one in the shop in the next few months.

[I can’t wait for the new items to go up, especially since my own little padawan will be here by then!]

Now for the good stuff: The giveaway!


Join me in congratulating Meghan! The winner of the Harry Potter inspired key fob for themselves, and a mini key fob to gift to a friend!

Many thanks to DeBoop Shop for sharing their wonderful products with us, and for being all round delightful to work with!

Key Fobs

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