The CW has collected quite the collection of DC Comics Superheros.  With Supergirl’s move from CBS to The CW network, we now have DCTV four nights of the week.  Now that we’re one or more episodes into this new era of DCTV on CW, let’s take a moment to chat about what’s been going on.


Supergirl and Superman from Supergirl

Who else loved Superman making his appearance in Supergirl? Anyone else kinda get chills with his first appearance (and that classic music making its brief appearances). Tyler Hoechlin makes a pretty great Superman and an even better Clark Kent too.

And who else is sad to see Calista Flockhart leave the show? We knew this was likely with the show switching networks and moving filming up to Vancouver with the rest of the CW DCTV shows. While Cat Grant was an annoying character initially, she grew to be quite a presence on the show and provided heart and strength that helped Kara and Supergirl become better characters.

And you are looking forward to learning more about Cadmus? Or that new stranger? And seeing Kara navigate all the change?

The Flash

Tom Felton joins The Flash on CW

Flashpoint has come (and gone, sort of).  Barry lived with both his parents in the Flashpoint timeline for several months. He was so happy. It was awful to see him recognize he needed to return things to how they were.  And also intriguing to see that Reverse Flash seemed to understand that things wouldn’t truly be the way they were.  So, Barry went back in time again to let Reverse Flash kill his mother.  But his return to the “present” was not the same as when he left. Things were different.

Cisco has lost his brother. Joe and Iris weren’t speaking. Caitlin may actually have powers. Captain Singh is back. And there is a new crime scene investigator that shares Barry’s lab, Julian Albert. Welcome Tom Felton to The Flash! Now, Tom, aka Julian, does not like Barry at all. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. I have my theories. The internet has its theories. Do you have some?

With all that’s off in the the post-Flashpoint world, Barry decides to try to fix that one, too, but he is stopped and reminded of the cracks in time by Jay Garrick. No, not that Jay, the Jay that is a doppelganger to Barry’s father. Barry decides to live in the timeline he’s created, which means repairing a lot of relationships. And of course being chastised by Harry when he arrives with Jesse Quick. Fun fact about the timeline and the multiverse : changing the timeline on one earth does not alter the timeline on other earths. But on the same earth, there are still clearly vestiges of other timelines as evident by Dr. Alchemy’s nefarious actions.

What did you think of Flashpoint? What are you most excited to see in this new timeline?


CW Arrow's newest ArcherThere’s a city-wide villain claiming control, a new murderous archer, and new recruits. And if that’s not enough new for you, Felicity has a new man, too. To top all that off, we are now getting the flashbacks for Oliver’s time in Russia with the Bratva and additionally we are getting scenes with John Diggle doing his army thing. That’s a lot to pack into an episode.

The season premiere didn’t give us the scenes with Diggle, so it didn’t feel quite as overloaded. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the episodes navigate all of that.  Although, given the shady character of Digg’s compatriots, it will also be interesting to see how long he remains away from Star City.

Are you looking forward to seeing Oliver’s time in Russia? Do we think Quentin Lance can pull his life back together? What are your thoughts about the new recruits (and will Mad Dog ever get a different code name)?

Legends of Tomorrow

In the first episode of this new season (anyone else still a little shocked that we get a second season?), we are introduced to a new character, Nate Heywood (Nick Zano, “Minority Report”, ), as he tries to get to Mayor Oliver Queen.  Nate is a historian, also a self-proclaimed time detective, and has noticed tiny changes in history.  He’s also a smart man who easily deduced that Queen is the Green Arrow.  Who else was thoroughly entertained that Oliver’s secret wasn’t that secret?

Turns out, the “Legends” as they are now called were tracking errant time bandits and went exactly where they were told not to go, 1942.  And who do we find in 1942? Damian Darhk (Reverse Flash!) trying to get Einstein’s wife to build an atomic bomb to destroy New York.  The team stops him from destroying New York (changing history to recognize a woman’s contributions!) but puts themselves in danger.

To save them, Rip scatters them through time and goes down with the ship (while also putting Rory into stasis on the ship).  Anyone else unexpectedly going to miss Rip Hunter? The episode is essentially a story related to Oliver and Nate by Rory. And Oliver tasks Nate and Rory to collect to the “Legends” and get back at it. There are so many threads to pull and that’s without the Justice Society of America (including Stargirl!) showing up to arrest the “Legends.” What thread are you most looking forward to seeing?

DC's Legends of Tomorrow --"Out Of Time"-- Pictured (L-R): Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary, John Rubinstein as Albert Einstein, Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave, Victor Garber as Professor Martin Stein, Franz Drameh as Jefferson "Jax" Jackson, Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/Atom and Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter

How do you feel about The CW’s slate of DCTV shows? Are you looking forward to the “epic” crossover that’s been promised? What do you want to see in the current seasons?