DC Entertainment has entered a new era expanding their universe into several different television series on network television.  As a huge fan of DC Comics, I’m excited to see some of my favorite characters and story lines depicting weekly on the small screen. Let’s recap and discuss what happened last week for DC on TV.

Gotham – “Spirit of the Goat”

We start out in Gotham City ten years ago. A man looks in to the mirror and says “I am the spirit of the goat.” He then puts on a creepy stitched leather mask before punching the mirror.  We then see Harvey Bullock and his partner.  Harvey was a good cop who wanted to save people.  When they get to where the suspect is, he wants to rush in to try to save the kidnapped gorl while his partner wants to wait for back-up.  Harvey ends up having to shoot the back up and his partner ends up falling and being injured.

We move back to the current time and see a woman strung up very similar to what we saw 10 years ago and Harvey looking extremely distraught.  It gets worse when the current murder ends up having the exact same details, details that had been kept out of reports to prevent copycats.  When another woman is kidnapped, Harvey and Jim go to see Harvey’s old partner for help. Turns out, he was paralyzed because of that fall (and Harvey actually pays the bills for the home he’s in).  Harvey walks away and Jim remains to ask a couple more questions.  Harvey’s partner tells Jim to “Watch out for him. He’s a loose cannon. He thinks he’s a white knight jumping into the breach like some idiot in the movies.” Jim’s look is priceless. He can’t believe they are talking about the same man.  The investigation ends up bringing Jim and Harvey back to the same place from 10 years ago, but this time the outcome is different.

This episode also had more of Edward Nygma than we’d seen before. We get a better glimpse of his character. He tries but in a misguided manner. You almost feel bad for him.  We see Bruce briefly in a slightly heartbreaking scene and then we see Selina break into Wayne Manor, stare at a sleeping Bruce, look at his board of activity, and then steal something. Even for Catwoman, that was kinda creepy, perhaps more so because Brue and Selina are both still children.

This episode gave me the heebie jeebies. It was super creepy.  And I continue to be blown away with the cinematography. This episode also did not have Fish Mooney, Maroni, or Falcone.  It was actually kind of refreshing to step away from the larger battle for control over Gotham.  And that said, while I love what Robin Lord Taylor does with Oswald Cobblepot and seeing Carol Kane is always amazing, the scenes with Cobblepot felt slightly out of place and disconnected.  That is until he walks in to the Gotham City Police Department at the end of the episode just as things were about to get nasty between the MCU and the GCPD.  That scene was brilliant. The facial expressions on everyone were perfect. And I can’t wait to see what happens next!

The Flash – “Going Rogue”

Let me preface this write up with the fact that I’ve been out of town and sick, so I ended up binge watching all my DC television shows.  Watching The Flash right after Gotham provides a great juxtaposition with the tones of each show.  It’s more proof that The Flash is more light-hearted and hopeful and still so refreshing.

The episode begins with Barry playing ping pong, chess, and Operation simultaneously.  It’s quite entertaining and supposedly a way to test his multi-tasking ability.  The fun and games is interrupted by the attempted robbery of an armored car.  Turns out the mastermind behind the robbery is Leonard Snart who conveniently has lines like “Cool it” and “we don’t need the heat.” Its snarky writing that fits with where the story is headed and provides a nice little heads up about the man who will become Captain Cold, and eventually the Rogues (the episode ends with Leonard Snart providing the heat weapon to Mick – Heat Wave is coming).

While the storyline with Captain Cold is entertaining and provides more proof of Barry’s character (his ‘weakness’ of caring too much about saving people) and more of a glimpse into Dr. Wells obsession with Barry’s safety (his anger at Cisco for building a weapon that could harm Barry), it’s the arrival and interaction with Felicity Smoak that I really loved. Felicity is one of my favorite characters and she meshes well with Barry Allen. So well, that Iris West clearly wants to see Barry and Felicity together.  It’s clear that Felicity wants that too, until she sees how Barry looks at Iris.  The heart to heart with Barry and Felicity about liking people who don’t see them is touching and the kiss that it is sealed with makes me really want to see Barry and Felicity together (way more than I want to see Felicity and Oliver together).  What about you? Who are you shipping most?

Arrow – “The Magician”

Last week we ended with Nyssa’s pointed demand about Sara.  Nyssa asked if Sara was killed by an arrow, indicating she clearly knows something.  Turns out, Sara was in Starling tracking rumors that Malcolm Merlyn was alive and well (which we already knew thanks to his time with Thea, but Oliver and company didn’t know).  The team (minus Felicity as she is in Central City and I love the continuity between the shows) goes looking for leads to find Merlyn.  It was kinda comical (though not intended to be) to watch them all slink around the garden of a Monk’s Monastery in full gear.  Of course they did find Merlyn, but Oliver tags him rather than kills him.  The result is an angry Nyssa and an angry Laurel and a little meet and greet between Oliver and Malcolm where Malcom swears on Thea’s life that he did not kill Sara. He does make sense. Why would he kill a League assassin to bring down more heat on his head when the League is already looking to kill him? Point Malcolm Merlyn.  After a showdown between Nyssa, Oliver, and Malcolm (following Nyssa kidnapping Thea), Oliver tells Nyssa as long as Malcolm is in Starling, Malcolm is under his protection.  He just through down the gauntlet. And that is confirmed by none other than the ‘Demon’ himself, Ra’s al Ghul, when he tells Nyssa ”Oliver Queen courts war with us.”

This episode also gave us more insight into Oliver’s time in Hong Kong working under Amanda Waller’s orders.  Turns out, Edward Fyres was an agent of Waller’s and the plane he was trying to bring down was an attempt to kill Chien Na Wei (remember her!?!) aka China White from the Chinese Triad.  So that should prove interesting as we connect Oliver’s time in Hong Kong back to some of his earlier adventures in Starling City.

This episode also proved interesting for the lies that continue to build. Thea lies straight face to Oliver about Malcolm Merlyn. Laurel continues to lie to Lance about Sara (and man is it heartbreaking when Lance calls Sara and leaves a message).  I can’t wait to see the repercussions when the lies start to unravel.

Constantine – “The Darkness Beneath”

Constantine is getting better which makes me happy. I really want it to succeed and get picked up for a full order.  The addition of Zed was a brilliant move.  From that breathtaking end scene last week with her apartment filled with drawings to her introduction this week. She is clearly someone that can go head to head with Constantine. I loved that she lifted his wallet when he refused to give her any answers.  And when he runs out on her after getting information from one of her visions, it’s clear we will witness a great cat and mouse game as their relationship develops.

This episode is set in a small mining town.  And let me tell you, there is a new scary shower scene to add to the lists of iconic horror bath scenes!!  Turns out the killers are Coblynau.  Coblynau, which are goblins tied to mines, are actually protective spirits of miners in this world and they don’t come above ground. But someone has summoned them aboveground.  The mining bosses are being killed in some pretty horrible ways.  And Zed actually ends up saving John’s life when he’s caught in the crossfire of one of those horrible deaths.  With the aid of a former pastor for the local church, John and Zed end up blowing up the mine to keep the Coblynau below ground but John still has to deal with the summoner. I really don’t want to spoil this episode because I want people to watch. Needless to say, there is a reason Constantine is on at 10pm.  It’s dark and violent and so far perfectly in line with the tone of Hellblazer.  And it looks to get even better as we bring in major canonical elements.

Are you watching Constantine? What do you think so far?

Coming Next

So this week we won’t see a new episode of The Flash (so as not to go head to head with election coverage), but Gotham, Arrow, and Constantine have new epsiodes that are sure to be exciting.  The aftermath of Penguin still being alive, Felicity Smoak’s mother, and Papa Midnite! I’m excited, are you?