I have a long list of MMORPGs that I’m in love with, and have one to play for every type of mood. One of my favorites to play just so happens to fit in snugly with our theme for the month, Heroes VS Villains. DC Universe Online is an amazing expansive MMO that has high replay value and branching story paths that change based on who you play. This game lets you choose a side and go on themed mission according to the side you choose as well as take on the other team at certain points. So let’s jump right into my first Heroes and Villains suggestion of the month to get you playing!

Saving the World


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The premise that you get after downloading the game is that the Justice League is in an all out battle with the DC Villains and it’s not going so well. In fact, the heroes all get wiped out and cataclysm befalls the universe in which Brainiac takes over, forcing Lex Luthor and Batman to travel back in time to warn the heroes of the inanimate threat. He brings Exobytes with, him which are used to create superhumans out of anybody they counter and are sent out to make an army to fight Brainiac’s invasion. This is where you come in: you’ve been bitten by the exobyte bug and kidnapped by Brainiac, and you must use your newfound super powers to break out of his ship and get back to your side of the fight.

From here you will be doing story missions correlated with the Mentor and Faction you choose. If you pick Heroes you can expect to save citizens and fight for noble causes. If Villains are more of your fancy, you are going to create chaos for everyone including rival figureheads like Killer Croc and Bane. Each Faction is a different side of the story, where you may be freeing the Hive on one side on the other you will be sent in to defeat them. The missions are all very lively; they have a lot of fanservice for DC lovers but will keep newcomers entertained as well, while introducing them to new Heroes and Villains that are a little less mainstream.

Character Types


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Get ready to make your dream superhuman spreadsheet because it’s to take a look at all DC Universe has to offer in play style and mentors. What will you choose Hero or Villain? Maybe you can’t decide yet so get out your pencils and scribble down the types you need to make your perfect super powered comic hero. We can’t wait to see what you come up with out of this list!


   Superman                       Lex Luther

Batman                          Joker

Wonder Woman            Circe

Movement Types

Acrobats       Flight Super          Speed


Fire     Gadgets         Ice           Mental

 Nature             Sorcery

DLC Powers

Atomic        Celestial          Earth

 Light         Electricity

Munitions         Quantum              Rage

There is quite a bit of a mix even without the added DLC, and the city you start out in is based on who you choose. Joker and Batman will send you to Gotham while Wonder Woman, Circe, Superman, and Lex Luthor start you in Metropolis. Decide carefully where you really want to be in this game and whose storylines you want to play under, because all of them differ and you can only have two heroes at a time without using real money.

 The Rest of the MMO Spill

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As with any MMORPG, there are things you can pay for but the game is 100 percent playable without any of it. There are Raid levels and PVP as well as PVE. The servers run smoothly and you have a separate in-game friend list to go off of.  There is armor and weapons you buy as you level up and your power and mobility have skill trees that you put points into after leveling up for better and more effective abilities. The graphics are pretty on par with the size of the game and server and you can put pretty decent customization into your own Superhero. It is a solid free to play game or a great value if you do choose to go the extra bit with you wallet.

Note: As a side note you can play this on anything but Nintendo home consoles and Xbox 360s.

What do you think of DC Universe? Have you ever played it? Let us know below or through Twitter!