DC Entertainment has entered a new era expanding their universe into several different television series on network television. As a huge fan of DC Comics, I’m excited to see some of my favorite characters and story lines depicted weekly on the small screen. Let’s recap and discuss what happened last week for DC on TV. And this week we see the addition of yet another entry into DCTV with Supergirl (and for the sake of brevity – too late? We’re skipping Gotham, but just this week). How’d it fare for you? What’d you think? Let’s start there, shall we?



Back in May, this pilot was leaked online. I never watched the leak so this was my first viewing and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed it immensely and feel like it is a great entry into a new property in the DCTV realm. While it did, at times, work a little too hard at proving it’s a feminist show, given the lack of female-led superhero properties on film and television it’s understandable that the show would work hard to prove Supergirl is just as important, relevant, and valid as any male superhero. These were just a few of the quotes from the pilot:

“Can you believe it? A female hero. Nice for my daughter to have someone like that to look up to”

“What do you think is so bad about ‘girl’?”

“If you perceive Supergirl as anything less than excellent, isn’t the real problem you?”

The pilot episode brought us back to the beginning, when Superman (always only referred to by pronouns, which is kind of annoying but somewhat understandable) and Kara were sent to Earth. Kara unfortunately was knocked off course and into The Phantom Zone, and as a result made it to Earth much later than her younger cousin. When Kara’s ship finally managed to escape the Phantom Zone, so did a prison ship; both made it to Earth. When the prison ship crashed it loosed convicted alien criminals (quite a nice set-up for the coming season), and the pilot episode pits Kara against one of these criminals. All in all, I thought it was a great pilot. I though Melissa Benoist was fantastic as Kara and Mehcad Brooks was just as wonderful and the most attractive James Olsen I’ve ever seen.

What did you think of the first episode of Supergirl?


The Flash

“The Fury of Firestorm”

This episode begins with a pretty powerful voice-over from Barry:

“Everyone secretly thinks they’ve figured out what their life is going to be like, but what no one ever considers is that life has its own plans for you whether you like them or not. And you’re left with a choice: you can either embrace the change and move forward or you can fight it and be left behind.”

And it ends with another one:

“Things aren’t always what they seem. Our fears can play tricks on us, making us afraid to change course, afraid to move on. But usually hidden behind our fears are second chances waiting to be seized. Second chances at life, at glory, at family, at love. And these opportunities don’t come around every day so when they do we have to brave, take a chance, and grab them when we can.”

The Flash never ceases to amaze me with the heart and life lessons it manages to convey without having that after school special feeling. This episode was primarily about finding a match for the Firestorm matrix in order to stabilize Professor Stein, but ultimately, it’s about being open to new possibilities, which even include a man-shark being real. Given the way this episode ended, with another Earth’s Harrison Wells helping to save Barry and Patty from the man-shark, next week should be pretty interesting.


“Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues”

izombie-cowgirlbluesBefore we talk about this episode as a whole, can we take a moment to acknowledge how truly wonderful Ravi is? He has been nothing but supportive of Liv (and Major) and proves his loyal friendship once again by not only showing up to support Liv’s entry into the singer-songwriter realm, but he shows up in full cowboy gear and videotapes her performance! How can you not love Ravi?

The episode begins with some young kids walking and drinking who end up finding a gun. This was more than a little disturbing for so many reasons, and seemed fairly irrelevant until we get a comic card scene entry labeled “Chekhov’s Gun” which ends up solving the murder case. Sadly, the victim was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the feelings and talent Liv gained from the victim gave her clarity on her relationship with Major.

“Love ain’t always enough…. We’re a dream that’s dead. I doubt that I will ever stop loving you. But it’s over now. I gotta let you go, completely, forever.”

It was a tough scene to watch, but was shortly thereafter followed by Major coming to her for help (and major smooches). They’ve got so much up and down going on that it’s a really good thing Liv has Payton again. That’s an important friendship and I was so touched by their reunion hug. How much do you want Payton to get the dirt on Gilda? And not get wrapped up into Blaine’s schemes?

iZombie really does have a lot going on but it always manages to pull it all together nicely. And it makes me hungry in a disturbing way. How about you?


“Beyond Redemption”

This episode beings with Oliver wanting to share his decision with the team, so he has them meet him at Sebastian Blood’s former campaign headquarters.  Though Diggle, Thea, and Laurel are not as supportive as he would have liked, they are supportive of the new lair (also formerly Blood’s), as they should be –it’s spacious and Cisco helped set it up.  But when Oliver and the team discover there are dirty cops in Star City, Oliver questions whether or not the city can be saved. His faith is even further shaken when we discovers that Captain Lance knows Damien Darhk.  After discovering this, Oliver waits for Lance at his home, where they have an interesting conversation.

“For years you’ve looked at me with such contempt, utter disdain, so I’m wondering, do I have that same look on my face now?… You always held yourself out as better than me, more righteous, and you were, until tonight.”

The final showdown with the dirty cops has Lance talking to Liza Warner (Rutina Wesley, “True Blood”) to convince her of what is right, and that he has to believe the city can still be saved, that they all can find redemption for the difficult decisions they’ve made. Lance was talking to Liza, but Oliver was listening. So was Thea, who has essentially become an amazing campaign manager for Oliver Queen’s mayoral run.


We also end up getting a little closer to Felicity discovering the Atom and closer to Oliver calling CONSTANTINE (aka saving Sara).

So what’d you think of DC on TV this week? Are you as excited for Constantine’s appearance on Arrow as I am?