DC Entertainment has entered a new era expanding their universe into several different television series on network television. As a huge fan of DC Comics, I’m excited to see some of my favorite characters and story lines depicted weekly on the small screen. Let’s recap and discuss what happened last week for DC on TV.


“Fight or Flight”

We now have a pretty comprehensive backstory as the voiceover to kickstart each episode, which is actually impressive in its detail and succinctness. We pick up were last week ended, with Cat getting her exclusive with Supergirl. Cat says “Oh it’s you” and we think Cat recognizes Supergirl as Kara, but at the end of the interview, Cat asks if Supergirl has a day job. Unfortunately for Kara, she lets it slip that Superman is her cousin. Cat takes that information and runs with it, leading to an enemy of Superman’s, Reactron, to come to National City. Supergirl doesn’t want to call her cousin, but James ends up calling him because he was worried about her. It’s a brilliant and beautiful use of cinematography to show Superman without really showing him.

But of course, Superman then gets the credit thanks to Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli), who isn’t a very nice man. Supergirl goes through a bit of an identity crisis, but Alex has a some great words for her, including this gem which we can all take to heart:

“Everybody wonders who they are at some point in their lives”

Supergirl is every bit the hero Superman is, she just needs the chance to prove it. And with a little help from Alex and Henshaw (who is a little scary with some unknown motives), she does prove herself by taking down Reactron. She even ends up getting some reaffirming words from Clark via an online chat.  It was a pretty powerful moment in the show.

This episode also has some great scenes with James and Kara and you can’t help but feel they are really cute together. But then, hello Mrs. Channing Tatum…aka Jenna Dawan Tatum as Lucy Lane, Lois’s little sister and also James’s ex-girlfriend. Poor Kara. It will be interesting to see what happens there next.



“Tonight’s the Night”

Talk about being dramatic and crazy! Barbara has a hell of a dream to kickstart this episode and some of that dream transpires into a sick reality when she and Galavan hatch a plot to distract and kill Jim Gordon. She shows up at GCPD and is taken into custody. Bullock, Barnes, and Lee all watch as Jim and Barbara talk in the interrogation room. Jim kisses her and Lee is not happy about that. Jim wants to play along with Barbara’s game, despite everyone else’s reservations, but he does so with a hell of an armory. Sadly, all that firepower doesn’t protect Jim from the ambush that follows. The aftermath results in Tabitha being shot, Lee wary of Jim giving into his darkness, and Barbara being seriously injured in a fall from the church.

And all of that was a distraction Galavan set-up so he could swindle Bruce out of his company. Galavan offers Bruce the name of the person who killed his parents and even the why, if Bruce sells him Wayne Enterprises. Thank goodness Bruce has Alfred, and chooses to confide in him: Bruce does not sell the company, in a last minute change of heart. That moment, in suitably dramatic fashion, is when Gordon and the GCPD arrive to arrest Galavan for the kidnapping of Mayor James.

Then we have Ed. The newly whole Edward Nygma is out in the woods to bury his beloved Miss Kringle. A hapless hunter stumbles upon him and you can guess how that turned out. When Ed gets tools to dispose of the recently deceased hunter, he comes back to find his sandwich has been eaten. He tracks down the culprit and comes face to face with the very injured Penguin. That will certainly prove to be interesting.

The Flash

“Enter Zoom”

Enter Zoom - photo of Zoom Zoom is freaking scary! Not to mention mean. At Harry’s insistence and push, Barry decides to go after Zoom, with Linda Park’s aid in posing as Dr. Light. The trap they set fails to bring Zoom, but only because Zoom understood he was being baited. When he shows up, he bests Barry in a terrible fashion which is very hard to watch. The episode ends with Barry not able to feel his legs because Zoom broke his back. It’s a dramatic episode but it still manages to pull off some great one liners (all hail Cisco), an amusing exchange (or three) between Barry and Linda, and showcase the adorableness of Barry and Patty, again.

And next week, we get more Grodd!


“Max Wager”

 The episode begins with Peyton and Ravi eating breakfast and sharing some confused looks when they witness Major ridiculously happy…then Liv comes down the stairs wearing only a button-down shirt.

Ravi: “It won’t always be this nauseating right?”

Major: “Suffer, bitch.”

It’s a perfect quote because the behavior is sickeningly cute, but also “about time” as Peyton put it. Sadly, the happiness doesn’t quite remain at epic highs. Ravi actually tests a ridiculous number of condoms and discovers that the zombie virus is not stopped by that barrier. Let’s hope Major and Liv continue to be creative, and safe, and don’t let this latest hurdle derail their happiness.

Things get a little more complicated for Blaine in this episode when his dad shows up and takes control (he discovered Blaine isn’t really a zombie anymore). Blaine is ordered to kill someone for his father, but to avoid that he ends up killing his beloved grandfather. It’s a tough scene to watch and that much tougher when the news comes out that his father is now missing, thanks to Major carrying out his Max Rager duties. At least Major isn’t exactly killing the zombies anymore, he’s just putting them on ice, presumably until Ravi can develop the cure again.

photo from Max Wager

As usual, there’s a lot going on in this episode of iZombie (and I didn’t even mention Stacey Boss – who is creepy as hell), but it comes together seamlessly. It will definitely be interesting to see how all these storylines develop as the season continues.


“Lost Souls”

Sometimes these CW shows pack all the feels, and this episode of Arrow was one of them. Between Oliver and Diggle’s heart to heart about relationships and strong women, which was perhaps my favorite moment in the episode, to the talk between Felicity and her mother:

Felicity: “It’s too easy to lose myself in him.”

Dawn: “That’s how it’s supposed to feel, when you love someone. Believe it or not, he’s lost himself in you and you’ll find yourself in each other. Just don’t get in your own way. Don’t ruin something that most people never get.”

And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a really epic fight scene that highlights the strong women (Sara, Laurel, Thea) kicking ass. And as an aside, Ray is saved from Damien Darhk’s clutches, Curtis is taken into the field, and there’s a pretty cute meeting between Quentin Lance and Dawn Smoak.

How was DCTV for you this week? What are you looking forward to in the coming episodes? Favorite parts from this week?