DC Entertainment has entered a new era expanding their universe into several different television series on network television. As a huge fan of DC Comics, I’m excited to see some of my favorite characters and story lines depicted weekly on the small screen. Let’s recap and discuss what happened last week for DC on TV.


“Stronger Together”


Stronger Together begins with Kara being tested by the DEO, who is rightly concerned that she is unskilled and could cause more harm than help.  And so of course, the next scene has Kara causing an oil spill in her attempt to save a tanker from exploding from a fire (because she hasn’t mastered her cold breath yet). In turn, the media has turned on her calling her a menace with all the damage she’s caused (#terriblegirl). We get a quick shot of Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli, “Twilight”) criticizing her – I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of him.

Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) talks about how much harder women have to work to prove themselves. And then Cat talks about how you can’t just start out on top, there’s a learning curve and a fight to work your way to the top. Kara takes her advice and starts a calculated plan, with the aid of James and Winn, to start small and win back approval.

This episode also has a dealing with another escaped alien (an insect-like creature searching for DDT to eat – yay science!), but General Astra is making herself known and beginning to dictate activities, which results in Alex being kidnapped and Kara’s first face-off with her aunt.  The fight starts off impressive but begins to feel a bit hokey with the continued aerial stunts. Alex actually has the more impressive moves at this point. Let’s hope Kara continues to improve (and effects aren’t so heavily relied upon – the laser eyes are going to get old quickly).

There is a nice shift during the course of this episode. We begin by once again using pronouns to reference Superman, but by the end we get Kara referencing him by name. And she talks about the “S”. She explains that it is the family motto and it means “Stronger Together.” Kara is different from Superman for a variety of reasons, including that she remembers Krypton and she knows that she can’t do things alone; it’s important to know when to accept help.

Overall, it was another solid outing for Supergirl, if a tad uneven at times. What did you think?


“Mommy’s Little Monster”

gotham-littlemonsterLast week was a fairly disturbing episode (Edward Nygma killed Kristin Kringle, Brigit burned her brothers and herself, and Butch now has a mallet for a hand0). This week we focus back on Penguin, with a healthy dose of Edward Nygma thrown in too.

Butch is fixed – he doesn’t have to obey Penguin anymore.  This leads Penguin to being set-up in the attempt to save his mother. Galavan and Tabitha free Penguin’s mother and during their touching reunion, they actually kill her. In return, Penguin cuts Galavan’s throat, but sadly does not manage to kill him. Of course Galavan goes to Captain Barnes to tell him about Penguin’s murder attempt. Gordon doesn’t trust Galavan and his mistrust definitely increases over the course of the episode. Barnes orders Gordon and the GCPD to find and take down Penguin.

This leads to a massive police presence at the Galavan mayoral victory party. In a brilliant piece of theater, all of Penguin’s thugs are dressed and walking as Penguin. The party turns very bloody with guests, thugs, and cops being shot left and right.  Tabitha even has a particularly gruesome kill by putting her stiletto heel through the neck of the GCPD Strikeforce member Martinez.  The end result of all of this is the end of Gordon and Galavan’s alliance, and the wily Penguin escaping again.

This episode tells us that Silver is in on all of Galavan’s plans. And an unexpected encounter with Selina, has her threatening Selina. Anyone else think Alfred likes Selina more than Silver? Although sadly, Bruce does not seem to share the sentiment. Unfortunately, Selina’s attempt to save Bruce from Silver’s clutches results in him pushing her away, at a time when she really could use a friend.

Perhaps the best part of the episode is seeing the return of Edward Mygma’s alter ego, taking more control.  He is playing games and riddles, which included hiding Miss Kringle’s body at the GCPD. One of the best parts of Season 1 was watching Robin Lord Taylor assume the role of Penguin. At this point, I think the best part of Season 2 is watching Cory Michael Smith assume the role of the Riddler. It’s as sad as it is disturbing and a brilliant performance.

The Flash

“The Darkness and the Light”

Last week, Barry ran into Harrison Wells from Earth-2.  This week, we see Harrison Wells on his own world at a press conference debuting a meta-human detecting app. Dark matter was silently expelled from beneath STAR Labs. Jay aka The Flash shows up at the press conference and blames Wells for creating Zoom and meta-humans. Wells from Earth-2 is kind of an arrogant asshole. Which is confirmed with style when Cisco has this great quote:

“You know our Dr. Wells might have been evil, but you’re just a dick.”

And that quote is made even better with Cisco tone, expression, and body language. What else was great was when Barry tells Dr. Light to

“Take it down a Lumen….”

You can always count on The Flash for providing some very entertaining geeky humor.

This episode was chalk full of events and connections. Patty and Barry have their first date – which is adorable. Caitlin and Jay go on a stakeout, but sadly are harshly interrupted before they can kiss. Dr.Light is Linda Park’s doppelganger. And the Earth-2 Harrison Wells, aka Harry, helps teach Barry a new trick (speed mirages).  All of this is leading up to a confrontation with Zoom. Jay is not okay with that and decides to leave prompting Cisco to say

“Optimism must be an Earth-1 thing.”

Next week we will see how well that optimism plays out.


“Love and Basketball”

First off, who caught the reference to Hearst College? This means Veronica and Liv are in the same world. Can someone convince Kristen Bell to make a Veronica Mars appearance in Seattle? Talk about an amazing crossover!

Next can we once again take a moment to praise Ravi? He begins the episode quoting Bon Jovi (in literal context no less) and ends up struggling hilariously with Blaine over a bottle of instant zombie killer fluid. Between their actions and the music, it was an entertaining moment of television which was concluded brilliantly with Blaine saying he’d gotten his cardio in for the day.

This episode had our typical murder case, more Max Rager intrigue, and even some more progress into Clive eventually discovering zombies are real.  Though mostly light-hearted, the episode did take a turn when Liv had a vision of a parent hitting his child.  Clive’s reaction and later actions give us more insight (and additional questions) into his character.

iZombie continues to be a solid show. What are your thoughts on the sophomore outing so far?



This was most definitely the highlight of my DCTV week.

John Constantine on Arrow

John Constantine made his appearance on Arrow. And it was brilliant. It really makes me mourn for the canceled show. Arrow saw a large boost in its ratings with this episode too. I can’t help but wonder how many Arrow fans never watched Constantine and now wish they had. Matt Ryan was perfect, from his introduction to Oliver on Lian Yu Island to the present aid in restoring Sara’s soul.

This episode gave us some real gems from Constantine:

“I’m on the side of the angels.”

“Go on Alice, down the rabbit hole.”

“If I knew you were surrounded by so many pretty girls Oliver I would have stopped by sooner.”

And of course Thea making a very appropriate comment about John, which is very disturbing to Oliver,

“He’s a very specific kind of yummy.”

I particularly loved how they were able to use John Constantine to reiterate how scary and dark Damien Darhk is. It makes me more excited to see how his plans play out in this season.

Oh, and besides saving Sara we also discovered Ray is alive. Sadly, this revelation was just not nearly as exciting as all that preceded it with John Constantine. Though admittedly, I am very biased. What did you think of Constantine’s presence on Arrow? Would you like more?

So that was DC on TV this week. What’d you think? Also, did you happen to catch the promos for Lucifer that are starting to air on Fox? Are you excited for that? For Legends of Tomorrow?