DC Entertainment has entered a new era expanding their universe into several different television series on network television.  As a huge fan of DC Comics, I’m excited to see some of my favorite characters and story lines depicting weekly on the small screen. Let’s recap and discuss what happened last week for DC on TV.

Mid-season/winter finales were all the rage this week. The Flash, Arrow, and Constantine all went out with a bang too. I’m not sure I can wait until they return mid-January. But then, that’s the point, isn’t it? So let’s talk about what happened. Beware there will be spoilers ahead!

The Flash – “The Man in the Yellow Suit”

We’ve been waiting for this since the beginning (and truth be told, even earlier than that due to the introduction of Barry Allen on Arrow) – the showdown with the man that killed Barry’s mother, the Man in the Yellow Suit aka Reverse Flash.

It’s the holidays and can I just say that I love shows that are able to tie in to the real calendar. It always makes things feel just a little more real and tied to our reality, which is extremely important with superhero stories. Plus, how much do you want to bet that The Flash writers have had that line about the man in the red suit (aka Kris Kringle) in waiting since the beginning.


When a crime witness describes seeing a blur and a man in a yellow suit, Barry knows the man who killed his mother is in town. Understandably, Barry gets quite emotional and after getting a beat down from the man in the yellow suit in a stadium is told he needs to take a step back. When the trap is sprung for the man in the yellow suit, using tech from another lab that he wants, Barry isn’t there. And Dr. Wells gets pulled into the trap and gets an epic beat down. In order to save Dr. Wells, they have to release the force field keeping the man in yellow contained.

This whole scene is brilliantly played. In many ways it is a red herring, but then after the big reveal at the end of the episode we know it was all planned. Dr. Wells, aka Reverse Flash or the Man in the Yellow Suit, got exactly what he wanted on the premise of trying to help capture himself. Brilliant!

While the fights between the Flash and Reverse Flash are brilliant and the main draw of the episode, there are a lot of other great tidbits included. Caitlin discovers Ronnie is alive and meta-human, though Ronnie claims he is not Ronnie but instead Firestorm. And Firestorm saves Barry! There are also several very powerful emotional scenes:

  • Barry visits his dad and blames himself for his dad still being in prison because he couldn’t catch the man in the yellow. His dad responds so beautifully, essentially telling Barry to let it go and have a life. “The man in the yellow suit has taken enough from us already. Don’t let him take anymore.”
  • Barry finally tells Iris he loves her. It will be interesting to see what she does with that knowledge.
  • And finally, Joe West tells Barry “You’ve seen more darkness than any man will in a lifetime and you never let it dim your soul.” This is particularly poignant because it exemplifies the hope at the soul of this show.

Other things worth noting:

  • Even if the man behind you looks like your dead boyfriend, don’t follow him when you are alone in a parking garage, Caitlin!!
  • Yellow and red electricity – two different blurs – we are getting more tantalizing teases at the time travel capabilities.

Arrow – “The Climb”

I thought this episode was brilliant. I loved that throughout the episode we are given glimpse of Oliver making the climb to meet Ra’s al Ghul. It was particularly poignant and made that final battle all the more meaningful. It also demonstrated the utter exhaustion Oliver had to be fighting in addition to Ra’s, who by the way was brilliant. Matt Nable does a terrific job portraying the Demon’s head. I loved how calmly and matter or fact he states he will take a weapon from Oliver. The fight was wonderfully choreographed. And that ending! OMG!


I realize I should be talking more about the rest of the episode, but I can’t help but focus on that fight and ending (I’ll admit I cried. Did you?). I should be talking about how Maseo is now part of the League of Assassins or how Malcom Merlyn essentially drugged Thea in order to have her kill Sara (what?!?). I could talk about how Oliver now has an idea of the skills that Thea possesses (what did you think of when the Arrow paid her a visit?). I could also talk about Felicity being recruited by Ray Palmer, aka ATOM. There’s a lot that happened in the mid-season finale and there are glimpses of a lot more to come (Laurel taking on the Black Canary mantle, Thea’s role, Lazarus Pits, and more).

What did you think of the mid-winter finale? How great has Arrow been this third season?

Constantine – “The Saint of Last Resorts”

Constantine continues to get better and better and lucky for us others are noticing that too. The ratings are improving which is good news for the network and our hopes of getting another season. Let’s just hope the mid-season break doesn’t remove that upward trajectory. Constantine lovers – make sure to get all your friends who haven’t been watching to catch up with on demand so that we can make the return ratings just as good if not better than those from the last view episodes! But enough of my pleas, let’s talk about the episode.

Two words: flesh fruit! Oh my goodness. What did you think about that? Talk about disturbing, right? Personally, I’m not sure I’d stay standing under the tree once all the human fruit started raining blood. Then again, we are talking about John Constantine who tends to dance around covered in blood. Clearly, I’m digressing though.

So, we begin with some holy scenery. The opening imagery of this episode is stunning. Constantine continues to deliver a visual smorgasbord of beauty and horror and it is wondrous.

Turns out we are in Mexico City at a convent where Ann Marie, one of the infamous Newcastle Crew, now resides. As you can expect with this show, it’s not a happy beginning. A mother is murdered and her baby is stolen. Ann Marie asks Constantine for help and he travels to Mexico leaving Zed behind at the Mill, telling her to stay put. Zed of course doesn’t follow Constantine’s instruction to stay inside and as a result comes face to face with members of the Resurrection Crusade (who call her Mary) and after dispatching a couple, ends up in their clutches. Stay tuned for that when Constantine comes back.

Back in Mexico City, another baby is stolen (and it’s related to the first baby) and John tries to determine who stole the babies. That’s when we see the flesh fruit. It’s growing on a tree that stands above where the placenta was buried. After some additional work, we discover the man whose child and grandchild were stolen is a descendant of la Brujería and that those very scary warlocks are probably behind the rising darkness.

John and Ann Marie work together to get the babies back, with the help of a lot more blood and some poultry. I loved Ann Marie. She’s smart and beautiful and willing to stand up to Constantine, which becomes clear when she shoots him and uses his own words against him, “No price is too high to save the innocent.” She leaves him bleeding with an Invunche after him.


Oh boy, the return from mid-winter finales is gonna be good. The Constantine teaser shows us that in order to save his life, John’s traps the demon inside him. We know Oliver needs to be saved. And Barry still has the Reverse Flash to deal with on top of the return of Captain Cold and maybe the introduction of Killer Frost….?