DC Entertainment has entered a new era expanding their universe into several different television series on network television.  As a huge fan of DC Comics, I’m excited to see some of my favorite characters and story lines depicting weekly on the small screen. Let’s recap and discuss what happened last week for DC on TV.

Gotham – “Lovecraft”

The was the mid-season finale of Gotham. And it had some interesting stuff going on.  As a result of Harvey Dent’s bright idea, Jim Gordon has stashed Selina Kyle at Wayne Manor with Bruce and Alfred to protect her. Turns out, the secret wasn’t so secret and assassins invade Wayne Manor looking for Selina.  Selina and Bruce run while Alfred holds them off. Alfred is bad-ass in this episode.  He holds his own against hired killers and later even woos Fish Mooney.  Seeing Alfred working with Harvey Bullock may have been one of the highlights of this episode for me.  Their buddy-cop routine highlights what Gordon and Bullock could and should be (it has it moments but they have been few and far between).  The search for Selina and Bruce highlights the massive storyline hinging on the mob conflict.  We get a couple genuinely great scenes with Oswald Cobblepot (then again what scenes with him aren’t great?) has he tries to maintain his power play.  He discovers Liza’s connection and hence more about Fish’s plans and he’s also questioned/threatened by Falcone about ‘moles.’  Speaking of Falcone, we are treated to a scene of his power and him finally acting like the scary all-powerful mob boss he is. Just like I’m fairly certain I don’t want to audition at Fish Mooney’s club, I’m also pretty sure I don’t want to go to dinner with Falcone.  The story, though convoluted, was easy to follow while watching but hard to explain afterwards as a result of the overarching question of who murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne. Poor Lovecraft turned out to be just another scapegoat similar to poor Mario Pepper (this episode finally gave us another glimpse of Pepper’s daughter, Ivy Pepper or the eventual Poison Ivy, and were treated to a moment where even Selina Kyle finds her creepy).  But Lovecraft wasn’t the only scapegoat in the episode.  Mayor James was pissed about Lovecraft’s death (and let’s be honest he’s still pissed Gordon tried to arrest him), so he decided to take down Jim Gordon a notch and make him a scapegoat in Dick Lovecraft’s ‘suicide.’  Jim Gordon is being sent to Arkham Asylum as a ‘security guard for nut jobs’ in Bullock’s words.  The episode ends with a very dramatic walk up to the gates of Arkham.

screenshot from Gotham

The mid-season finale was fairly characteristic of much of the season.  There are flashes of brilliance, some tediousness, and a whole lot of story that gets slightly messy when it comes together.  Sounds a lot like daily life, right? Gotham has its issues, but on the whole I think its a worthy entry into the mythos of Batman. And I gotta say I’m looking forward to seeing where the Arkham story goes. The Batman mythos is bursting with characters and events dependent upon Arkham. I can’t help but get excited to see what this incarnation will bring us.  Plus, Morena Baccarin (Firefly, Homeland) joins us within Arkham as Dr. Leslie Thompkins.

Constantine – “Rage of Caliban”

This episode aired after the the news of the halt in production became widespread (and the Save Constantine campaign took off).  And while the ratings were down for this episode, fans were told not to worry by Daniel Cerone (an executive producer for Constantine).

This was a great episode, which was original supposed to air after the pilot on Halloween, but with the adjusted direction and addition of Zed, it was moved to air this past Friday.  While the episode does have a Halloween setting, I’m actually kind of glad it didn’t air on Halloween. Why? Because it was FREAKIN’ CREEPY! And I probably wouldn’t have been able to sleep for days afterwards.

The episode deals with child possession and the cold opening gives us a very graphic scene with a floating, bloody parent.  The spirit moves on from the scared little girl and moves in to possess another little boy (who looks an awful lot like a young Daryl Dixon).  The atmosphere is completely creepy and I was clutching the pillow several times. I’m actually not going to recap the episode because you need to watch it for yourself to get the full scary impact and to help ratings of course (Save Constantine!).  I will say that Constantine lives to fight another demon and we are left with a closing image very familiar to fans of Hellblazer.

John Constantine lighting up


While I didn’t right about this week’s episode of The Flash, Power Outage, rest assured that I am still watching and loving it.  And I am super excited for the two episode crossover event next week. Are you still watching the DC on TV shows? What do you think? Loving them? Hating them? Excited for Gotham’s return? What do you think Dr. Wells is up to? What’s Manny’s deal? Let’s talk about DC on TV stuff!