So tonight was the mid-season finale of Gotham and while I should be writing about that (and don’t worry I will, but not today), I have other things on my mind. Have you heard the news about Constantine? NBC has decided to halt production leaving Season 1 with 13 episodes, which could prove detrimental…

NBC's Constantine

Friday night is tough for TV shows. Many people (but not me as of late) are out doing things and not home watching TV. Yet, NBC’s Grimm has not only managed to succeed but also to thrive. And yet despite this great lead-in, the 10pm time slot on Friday not has not been as successful as NBC would like (Dracula anyone?).

Despite a not-so-great pilot, Constantine was revamped and in my opinion greatly improved.  And it keeps getting better. The world John Constantine lives in is tough to build. There is so much history and backstory that slowly unfolded across many years of Hellblazer. John Constantine is a character who’s motivations are slowly revealed to us and translating that to TV can be difficult. Yet, it has been working, all be it slowly.  Constantine has been improving each week. The introduction of Papa Midnite in episode 3 was HUGE. And to follow that with the first Hellblazer story, that of Mnemoth and Gary Lester was even better (the feels in that episode!!). Even though that episode did not have John and Papa Midnite ally together against Mnemoth, we did get the same ultimate conclusion and the very next episode gave us a taste of Papa and John working together. That episode, Danse Vaudou, also introduced Jim Corrigan (if you’re a comics fan you know what that means).  These last three episodes have been fantastic! They’ve also been setting up more story line to build on and I can’t wait to see where things go next. I’m dying to see more of the Hellblazer stories translated on screen.  And it seems clear that many other people are too. While the ratings have been less than those of the lead-in show, Grimm, they have been climbing steadily each week (this past week actually saw a 38% increase in ratings and that came after the news broke that NBC was halting at 13).

Constantine is not a typical comic character and he is most certainly not one of the big DC properties (like Batman or even Arrow and The Flash). But he’s a GREAT character and one that lends himself to fantastic (in every sense of the word) stories.  Those stories need time to build slowly to the crescendo and Constantine needs to be given the time to see that through.

I am heartened by the fact that Constantine hasn’t been outright canceled, but the halt of production is worrisome. I’m clinging to the fact the Sleepy Hollow only had a 13 episode order for season 1, but came back with a full 22 episode second season and is thriving.  Deadlines had this to say:

NBC had to make a decision whether to keep Constantine in continuous production with little ratings information. While the series began production on a standard fall premiere production schedule, its launch was delayed until late October when NBC’s Friday genre block usually debuts, so the network had to make a call whether to order additional episodes after only four episodes had aired vs. at least seven, which is the norm for freshman series……..NBC has been supportive of the show, running a marathon of episodes on cable sibling Syfy this weekend and slating Constantine cast members to appear on the network’s broadcast of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade next week.

With the success of the other DC properties on the other networks, it seems like NBC would want to hold on to the one property they have.  And if the buzz from producers and writers on twitter have any truth, it seems NBC is listening.  There is a huge push for supporters to tweet and write NBC using #SaveConstantine.  So I’m asking you Geek Girl Pen Pals to help me and others Save Constantine.

I’m dying to see John use more of his con artists skills and be even more ornery . I want to see the buildup of Zed’s story, leading into the Resurrection Crusade and the Damnation Army (there were hints of this coming in the conversation between Jim Corrigan and Zed in the last episode). I feel very strongly that Constantine can continue to build an audience and thrive, even in its very tough 10pm Friday night time slot.  Just think how many great characters and stories Constantine can pull in if given a chance (Dr. Fate, Pandora, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Spectre and more).  Stand with me Geek Girls and support Constantine. Catch up via the various on demand channels. Watch it live. DVR it. Watch it live and then watch the DVRed version.  And if you’re liking what you’re seeing let your voice be heard.  I and many other fans of that “Master of Dark Arts” would most certainly appreciate it.

Let’s go to hell and back together!