DC Entertainment has entered a new era expanding their universe into several different television series on network television. As a huge fan of DC Comics, I’m excited to see some of my favorite characters and story lines depicted weekly on the small screen. Let’s recap and discuss what happened last week for DC on TV. This week we’re back to a full slate of new DCTV episodes.


“Rise of the Villains: Scarification”

Galavan is making his move to take control of the city, using Penguin as a tool. Penguin is definitely chafing under this relationship, which leads him to take some extreme measures (chopping off Butch’s hand!!). This comes after learning Galavan’s history. In a sepia-toned sequence portraying the story as told by an antique dealer named Edwige, we learn about the knife Galavan wanted from Bunderslaw’s vault (are we counting how many eyes get cut out yet?). It turns out Galavan has centuries of anger from being erased from Gotham’s history by the Wayne family (and there is a religious sect involved too). Are things crazy enough yet?


As if all that wasn’t enough for one episode, we also get to see a double date between Edward Nygma, Kristin Kringle, Lee Thompkins, and Jim Gordon; Selina relishing in the knowledge that she has power because Fish Mooney loved her; a really crazy store (The Merc); and the death of a member of the Strikeforce team, making Captain Barnes that much more zealous.

Can we also talk about how amusing the exchange between Tabitha and Theo was? Tabitha complains she’s bored and Theo gives her options of what to do:

Theo: You’ve got Barbara to hang out with

Tabitha: Yeah, she’s cool, but she sleeps a lot. And she’s kinda crazy.

Theo: That’s the best part about her.

The Flash

“Family of Rogues”

Lisa Snart returns and bonds with Cisco. How much do you want to see more of these two? And more of Patty and Barry? Or Caitlin and Jay? There’s so much feeling floating around on The Flash right now!  And yet none of that is getting in the way with the core of the show. That’s pretty impressive. In this episode we have Leonard Snart working with his dad, which Lisa finds upsetting and confusing and unnatural. It turns out Snart is doing his dad’s bidding in order to protect Lisa because she haw a bomb in her head courtesy of said dear old dad. Now that’s certainly a reason to have daddy issues. In order to save lives and give Cisco time to get the bomb out, Barry poses as a criminal to assist Snart and his father. Of course Cisco is able to save the day, but it doesn’t help Snart with his anger: he kills his father, breaking the deal he made with Barry.  In an interesting scene that juxtaposes the talks Barry had with his father while incarcerated, Barry visits Snart and tells him he believes he can be good and do more. It will be interesting to see how that progresses, especially into Legends of Tomorrow.


The episode ends with some big moments, too. Professor Stein is destabilizing and another world’s Harrison Wells has come to our familiar Earth.  The Flash is definitely providing us with some interesting fodder for the rest of the season.


Liv’s been dealing with the fallout from last season, and she’s not the only one. Major is now a zombie assassin; Blaine is attempting to start a new empire; but Ravi is still amazing. Anyone else loving all the subtle (and not so subtle) references to Veronica Mars?

“Real Dead Housewife of Seattle”

Finally we get an episode were we don’t feel sorry for the misguided murderer! A rich housewife is murdered by a jealous “skank” who was having an affair with the housewife’s husband, Terrance Fowler (another Veronica Mars alum, David Starzyk aka Dick Casablancas’s father, Richard).  But the real excitement in the episode revolves around Max Rager and Vaughn Du Clarke: Liv discovers that Major is working for Du Clarke (although not quite to the full extent obviously); Gilda, Du Clarke’s daughter, makes out with Major (more than likely only because of his new-found addiction to Utopia); and Vaughn Du Clarke ends up killing Terrance Fowler, via zombie, in order to prevent a takeover of controlling interests in Max Rager.  Things are getting nastier in that company!

We also see the return of Payton, back to head up the task force against Utopia which will make her a target.  You really do have to like Payton. She’s trying. And she left Liv a birthday cake, just when Liv was ready to wallow about being alone on her birthday.

Can we just talk about some of the quotes in this episode? Veronica Mars and Liv Moore could really trade some snark, right? Granted, Liv can use the various brains as an excuse, but still….

“These women don’t need a phone to call a man, they just stand upwind and drop their panties.”

Youch. Now that is a statement. How are you liking season 2 so far?


Before we discuss this week’s episode, which deals with Laurel taking Sarah’s body to Nanda Parbat for the Lazarus Pits, can we talk about how bad an idea it is/was to even suggest that in the first place? It’s a cop-out that overuses the Pits and destroys the character development Laurel has fought so hard for.  What are your thoughts, before and after watching this week’s episode?



Laurel and Thea are at Nanda Parbat and Laurel demands that Merlin use the Pit to bring Sara back to life. Merlin warns of the dangers, using Thea as an example. Even Nyssa tries to explain to Laurel that it isn’t a good idea and that Laurel needs to let Sara go. Laurel eventually gets her way, and as a result Nyssa destroys the Lazarus Pit.

While Thea and Laurel are away, the “Original Team Arrow” is holding down the fort so-to-speak in Starling City, but given the lingering anger Diggle has for Oliver, it isn’t going so well. Each is acting on their own and as a result screwing things up so much that Felicity finally loses it and yells at them. It was fantastic, and even better when she actually tells them to “get their heads out of their asses.” Following her outburst, she enlists brilliant employee Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum, “Ben and Kate”) to help with a tricky issue (much like Oliver did with Felicity way back when). Unfortunately, the secret is revealed a little quickly with Curtis. The plus side is we see Felicity holding her own in a wonderful fashion, plus her lecture to the boys started the process of healing their issues.  I don’t know about you, but I found it a little emotional when they had their moments.

But really, the big news is that in two weeks CONSTANTINE will be on Arrow. According to the official episode description, John Constantine is called in as a favor to Oliver in order to help Sara.

What did you think of this week’s episodes? Next time we’ll have the premiere of Supergirl and add to our DCTV suite. Are you excited?