This episode of Gotham begins inside Arkham Asylum with inmates performing Shakespeare’s The Tempest, which brilliantly underscores the misdirection and the coming storm within the episode.  The performance is interrupted when one inmate snaps and begins to attack others.

inmate Tempest

We’re introduced to Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin, “Firefly”, “Homeland”, “V”) and the respect and chemistry between Dr. Thompkins and Gordon is immediate and palpable. Even to the injured inmate who tells them to “get a room.”

The main story in the episode deals with inmates being given unauthorized electro-shock therapy and the search for the perpetrator. But we’ve got side stories with Cat and Ivy (hiding out in Jim Gordon’s empty apartment), Penguin (getting arrested), Butch and Fish (still scheming), and even Barbara and Montoya (reliving their past). This episode proves once again how large and sprawling the cast and storylines are in Gotham. However, the only one that feels out of place is Barbara’s.  Although it does make for an interesting twist when Montoya realizes Barbara isn’t good for her and when Barbara tries to call Gordon she gets Ivy on the phone.  You kind of feel bad for Barbara in that moment and you can also see a glimpse of the siren Ivy could become.

The main story line leads Gordon to question staff and inmates in Arkham and it is fantastic. I hate asylums and anything related to them but I would happily watch many more episodes with Gordon stationed inside Arkham.  Though of course it does get scary towards the end (the adventure to the basement and what follows is very creepy, scary, and sad…), but I’d expect nothing less from Arkham Asylum.

As great as the scenes in the Asylum were the best part of the episode had to be Detective Harvey Bullock, by far.  Bullock has some amazing lines in this episode (delivered brilliantly by Donal Logue), one of which is the following in reference to Penguin being in a cell in GCPD:

See I like having you here. I can sit at my desk and look at you. It’s soothing. Like a bonsai tree.

And it was so great to see how happy he was to see Gordon again. Those two have come a long way, haven’t they? Even the captain was happy to see Jim when he stopped by the GCPD to explain what happened at Arkham.

Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and look forward to seeing Jim and Harvey pursue Jack Gruber (even if I can only think of Die Hard when I hear the name Gruber). And I’m intrigued by the ruthlessness displayed by Butch and for once I’m interested in seeing where Fish’s scheming will go next episode.

Due to the CFP National Championship Game (Ohio State vs. Oregon), there will be no new Gotham tomorrow (or anything else for that matter), but I’ll be back with another edition of DC on TV next Monday because Constantine returns this Friday, January 16!! So excited for that. Do me a favor and watch it, DVR it, and watch it again. We need to keep those ratings up for the remainder of the season to get a season 2. We know The Flash has secured second season (and Arrow is a getting a season 4).

The Flash writers tweet

Let’s work to get Constantine a second season!

But until then, let’s talk about Rogues Gallery. What did you think?