So I’m a little late with the previous week’s DC TV, but it’s so I could combine it with this week’s since the only new DC TV show that aired was Gotham.  So, let’s start with Red Hood (from 22 February) which had a seriously OMG moment which plays into the most recent episode of Gotham.

Gotham – “Red Hood”

This episode begins with a bunch of thugs getting ready to rob a bank and one wears a Red Hood, which makes him unexpectedly cocky. The Red Hood takes charges and dumps some cash to ensure the gang’s escape. He explains the power of the hood a little too well and gets shot for his trouble so that another member of the gang could lead. This actually becomes a pattern playing into the Bat lore that the Red Hood is a symbol and not one specific person has to be the Red Hood, and unfortunately, in Gordon’s haste at the end of the episode, he leaves the hood on the ground allowing for it to raise its power again.

While the Red Hood Gang is a big part of the Bat lore, it wasn’t the most interesting thing happening in this episode;  we also had a man from Alfred’s past show up at Wayne Manor. As we learn, his motives were not pure and he was there at the behest of the Wayne Enterprises Board to find out what Bruce actually knows about their illegal activities. And Alfred gets stabbed because of all this! It was hard to watch and proves the amazing job Gotham has done with this character because even though you know he has to live you were concerned. Even so, Alfred’s injury still wasn’t the most exciting thing in this episode.

The most exciting thing in this episode was Fish Mooney. She cut out her own eye!! I need to say it again – SHE CUT OUT HER OWN EYEBALL WITH A SPOON! Now, what is more badass and dedicated than that?

Fish Mooney cuts her eye out with a spoon.

How did you react to that scene?

 Arrow –“Nanda Parbat”

This episode began with what we’ve been clamoring to see because we know it exists – a Lazarus pit and Ras al Ghul soaking in it.  Now, they don’t actually say anything about it and if you didn’t know some back story and comic book lore, you wouldn’t know what that water means.  This has always been one of the great things about Arrow. They always give a wink and a nod and some easter eggs for the hardcore comic fans, but it never detracts from the story or makes the non-hardcore comic fans feel lesser. Kudos to the Arrow team for that!

This episode essentially takes Oliver to Nanda Parbat in order to save Malcolm Merlyn and protect Thea’s soul. Everyone is against Oliver heading off to face Ras al Ghul again, so this time John Diggle goes with Oliver. Anyone else seriously touched by the moment they were sitting in the cell and Diggle asked Oliver to be his best man? When Ras al Ghul has Oliver brought to him, Oliver asks for Diggle’s life to be spared when his own is taken. Ras then tells Oliver he doesn’t want to kill him – he wants Oliver to take his place! My mouth dropped open. And I loved that Oliver’s face perfectly depicted the shock I felt as a viewer.

This episode also saw a return of Ray Palmer, whose absence was explained by him being holed up and working non-stop on his suit. Felicity endeavors to help him which in turn leads to them kissing and getting it on. I think I like Felicity and Ray together even better than I liked Felicity and Oliver. What do you say? Who are you shipping?

Felicity and Ray kiss.

Gotham – “Everyone Has A Cobblepot”

This episode’s title refers to the fact that everyone has a bad deed hanging over there head and that deed is what gives someone else power. Harvey makes this point to illustrate how Detective Flass went free on his own false testimony. This all sets Gordon on a track to derail the Commissioner who apparently has files with dirt on a majority of the GCPD. The hunt leads them to ask Oswald Cobblepot for help and the discovery of the Commissioner’s own ‘Cobblepot’ in the form of his mentally unstable daughter. All of this was actually quite entertaining, but again it doesn’t quite compare to the horror that we witness with Fish Mooney.

Fish Mooney wakes up with Dr. Francis Dulmacher (founder of the facility) over her.  She tries to angle more power with following statement:

You’ve had me as your enemy; wouldn’t you rather have me as your friend?

He seems to accept this and sends her to fetch more people for his ‘work’ but also shows her what happened to the office manager who failed to subdue her when she destroyed her own eye. It’s pretty horrific to see his head on a female body. Dulmacher asks:

When do you stop being you and become something new?

It’s an interesting philosophical question in today’s age (especially after the news of the recent success of a fully functional bionic hand). That doesn’t make Dr. Dulmacher aka The Dollmaker any less frightening though.

We get to see that Alfred is very weak, but he is awake and will be okay.  We also see perhaps one of the first times Bruce claims power over Alfred by using his position and authority. Alfred’s face is shocked despite the fact that is was done with the best intentions. And Bruce gets a visit from Selina in the hospital.  I’m looking forward to more of the Bruce and Selina show.

Gotham is now on break until mid-April but it has been teasing some big events. What do you hope to see in the final episodes of this first season?


That’s it for now. The Flash is back on March 17th. Arrow returns on March 18th. And Gotham comes back in April.  Stay tuned for more DC on TV.