DC Entertainment has entered a new era expanding their universe into several different television series on network television.  As a huge fan of DC Comics, I’m excited to see some of my favorite characters and story lines depicting weekly on the small screen. Let’s recap and discuss what happened last week for DC on TV.

Gotham – “The Fearsome Dr. Crane”

penguin-maroniI don’t know about you, but I thought there were some extremely intriguing and entertaining bits in this episode. Plus, we were treated to more with Maroni and Penguin, and this little gem:

“A bird in the hand is nine tenths of the law”

I love the scenes between Maroni and Penguin. There are so many little nuances.  It’s great writing and great acting.


We also get a little insight into the Crane family. (The Scarecrow we know from the Dark Knight Trilogy is Jonathon Crane, the son). There’s a fascinating consideration of the timeless nature vs. nurture debate we could examine here.  We also get more with Bruce and Selina, more the Edward Nygma, and of course there are relationships being played.  What’d you think of this episode of Gotham folks?

The Flash – “Crazy for You”

peekabooWhile I loved the teleporting Peek-a-boo, aka Shawna Baez (Britne Oldford, “American Horror Story”) and her effortless style and wonderful confidence, she took a backseat to Caitlin and Barry’s night out.  That was by far the best part of the episode. It may have been one of my favorite scenes in The Flash to date. Caitlin sucks down a whole lot of vodka and makes Barry karaoke, which he does fantastically (you remember Grant Gustin was on “Glee” right?).  And ever the gentleman, Barry takes care of Caitlin too. He gets her out the bar before she gets sick, holds her hair when she does, and then whisks her back home and into bed.  My only problem with this whole sequence – Caitlin is drunk to the point of vomiting but yet she can still balance on one foot to take her strappy high heels off? Now that’s unbelievable.

The other stand out part of the episode (besides the finale, which we’ll get to) was more encounters with Barry’s father.  Does anybody NOT cry when they have scenes together? It’s always so touching.  And then there was the ending….GRODD!!!

Arrow – “Uprising”

This was an interesting episode on several levels. We get flashbacks into Merlyn’s life, Oliver’s return, the rise of the new Canary, and a very emotional Felicity.  I love Felicity and have always been a huge supporter and even a fan of Olicity (though can we NOT call them that?!?).  I was not a fan of her reactions in this episode. They are trying to keep Felicity as the moral compass.  She was adamant against working with Malcom Merlyn and convinced the team not to, so when Oliver returns and says he will train with Merlyn in order to be able to defeat Ra’s al Ghul, she decides she’s done. I understand her reference to the women that Oliver has loved and I support her. But we need to remember this is the woman that told Oliver he needed to kill Ra’s, even if that wasn’t in his nature anymore.

Speaking of changing nature, Merlyn is dangerous but so was Oliver. Oliver was a killer too. They both murdered in support of loftier goals.  Do you think Merlyn can change his ways? Can he be more (or less) than just a killer? Do you want him to be? It was pretty bad ass when he saved Laurel and Roy when they invaded Brick’s base (which happened to be the Glades police precinct, he really is an arrogant bastard!).


Finally, it was great to see Sin again, even if it does mean that Lance’s heartbreak will be coming soon (Sin knows the current Canary is not Sara).  Also how much did you love this exchange between Laurel and Roy:

Laurel: “Is what we’re doing crazy?”

Roy: “I’ve learned it’s better to ask that question when I’m not wearing a mask.”

Constantine – “Angels and Ministers of Grace”

Many people were concerned about how Constantine would be brought to television. Would it skimp on the darkness and horror (and the smoking)? It certainly has not and tonight’s episode was just another example of how clearly the showrunners understand the source material  This episode begins with a woman looking for a drug fix, and it’s not some quick smoke or just a powder, it’s needles she’s given. And we almost see her give them to herself…but then a horrible monster shows up and stabs her with both needles.  We also treated to John telling Zed:

“Best cure for a hangover is another drink.”

And there’s more smoking. And a doctor asking John for a cigarette.  This episode was brilliant in depicting pain both outwardly and inwardly. John’s avoidance of Zed and the masterful facial expressions Matt Ryan uses to express pain after learning Zed has a tumor on her temporal lobe are perfect.  We also got to see much more of Manny in this episode, as John trapped him in a human body and cut him off from his celestial powers.  Manny gets to experience a lot of human emotions, and even some illicit relations.  I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be extremely sad if we only have one more episode of this version of Constantine.