DC Entertainment has entered a new era expanding their universe into several different television series on network television. As a huge fan of DC Comics, I’m excited to see some of my favorite characters and story lines depicted weekly on the small screen. Let’s recap and discuss what happened last week for DC on TV. This week we’re back to a full slate of new DCTV episodes.

But before we get to it, one small announcement: Every single episode (all 13 of them) of Constantine is available to stream right now via NBC.com.  This is clearly another test by the network to see if a second season is viable in advance of show creators pitching the second season. So please, do yourself (and me) a favor and watch Constantine. Re-watch, catch up, or start fresh. Give it a shot. You might be surprised. I loved Constantine and really hope it gets picked up for another season.


And with that, let’s get to our most recent DC on TV episodes:

Gotham – “Under the Knife”

While last week’s episode reminded me why I enjoy Gotham, this week’s reminded me of why I don’t always. This was a slow, plodding episode where not a whole lot actually happened.  Granted, this season’s pacing issues may be due to the unexpected changes in episode orders that pushed storylines to change. At least, that’s what I’m hoping is to blame.

That said, I did enjoy the interactions between Barbara and Jason Lennon. She’s showing more range. It’s sad that her character movement is essentially stemming from the terrible ‘women in refrigerators’ trope, but I’m sure we can talk about that some more next week. For now, let’s focus a little more on her relationship with Selina. Who loved when she referred to Selina as her ‘sort of roommate’?

The only other thing to really talk about (or at least the only other thing that made an impression on me) in this episode involves Edward Nygma. His storyline and motivations have unfolded perfectly over the season. We know he is not going to pleased when he finds out the officer is hurting Miss Kringle. You can see the tide beginning to shift. And though we all knew there would be a turning point for him (we know he becomes The Riddler), it was still a shocking moment to watch. My mouth dropped. How did you react to seeing the Riddle Man make an appearance?


Also, we need to acknowledge the brilliance of the music in this episode. Graeme Revell and David E. Russo crafted a perfectly creepy score for the Ogre.  It heightened the drama in an episode that didn’t really have much drama to begin with.

The Flash – “Who is Harrison Wells”

This episode is another meta-human criminal of the week episode (which I really don’t mind), but it helps move some other plot lines forward and gets Iris to realize how dumb she’s been. We have Hannibal Bates (and clearly we know what other shows the writers of The Flash are fans of) who can transform himself into anyone he touches. What a perfect way to commit crimes and have innocent people convicted, right? When he shoots Central City police officers while looking like Eddie Thawne, he goes too far. Hannibal’s abilities create some great moments with Caitlin, but ultimately the important part is that Iris reacts strongly when Eddie is held for the shooting.

Cisco-And-LaurelThe more interesting part of this episode involves Cisco and Joe heading to Starling City to investigate the car crash that killed Tess Morgan and ‘changed’ Harrison Wells. Who else absolutely adored the fanboy moment Cisco had with Laurel? That said, I think the moments between Detective West and Captain Lance were probably my favorite, particularly when they had their discussion about lies, so interesting as each are on opposite sides of lies told to protect ones they love.  One can only hope that Captain Lance moves to repair his relationship with Laurel now. And of course, Joe and Cisco discover the body of the REAL Harrison Wells, so the question for Barry and company now is who is the Harrison Wells that they know really?


iZombie – “Virtual Reality Bites”

With zombies and brains, you knew there had to be some nastiness coming. This episode does it! I got more than a little squeamish and I couldn’t even smell the Simon Cutler like Detective Babineaux could.  It gets even worse when Ravi and Babineaux figure Cutler was murdered and Liv realizes she has to consume his putrefied brains.


I love her reaction when Babineaux suggests the guy was mostly murdered. Her outburst is perfect. How much did you love the voicemail she left for Lowell after catching a case of agoraphobia. There were a lot of laughs in this episode although I almost choked when Liv said this:

“Seriously, what’re the chances an agoraphobe in his twenties is not a chicken choker?”

It just gets better when Liv turns into an addicted gamer, binging on Cheetos and energy drinks and using her clothes as a napkin, which Lowell notices when he drops by to bring her some drugs to help with the agoraphobia. He is too cute and very understanding. I love their ‘drop by’ date, even if it does lead to an awkward encounter with Ravi and Major.

Speaking of Major, he scoured YouTube videos from the skate park to find a clear image of the ‘Candy Man.’ Imagine Ravi’s surprise when Major shows him a picture of the ‘Candy Man’ aka Blaine. Simultaneously, Babineaux ends up at Meat Cute with Blaine investigating another death.  Things are bound to get interesting.

Arrow – “The Fallen”

This episode was heart-breaking. I spent the first 10-15 minutes in nearly constant tears and then cried off and on for the rest of the episode too (I’m a sap, I know).  Was your heart as wrenched as mine for Thea, Oliver, Felicity, Ray, even Malcolm?  Each and every one of them had moments and reactions that were so touching. This episode also (finally!) mentioned the Lazarus Pits by name, which you knew was coming given Ra’s al Ghul’s brutal treatment of Thea.

I wasn’t expecting the moment between Ray and Felicity, though I should have been; after all, Felicity isn’t following him to the spin-off show –that we know – and she loves Oliver. That’s been made very clear. It’s especially sad as it occurs right after seeing them so happy together in The Flash last week (which chronologically should actually probably have occurred in the week before we saw Broken Arrow if you pay attention to the episode numbers this season for both The Flash and Arrow.  In one episode we move from that tortuous scene with Ray to the very steamy one with Oliver.  Felicity certainly experienced a gamut of emotions.

I have so many questions. What’s Thea going to be like? How’s Al Sa-Him going to be? Can Oliver Queen really do this? What happens to the Arrow and Starling City? What did you think of Oliver’s get up at the end of the episode?


That’s it for this week. Are you excited for all the craziness to come? We’ve got three episodes left of Arrow, four of The Flash, and just two of Gotham.