DC Entertainment has entered a new era expanding their universe into several different television series on network television. As a huge fan of DC Comics, I’m excited to see some of my favorite characters and story lines depicted weekly on the small screen. Let’s recap and discuss what happened last week for DC on TV. This week we’re back to a full slate of new DCTV episodes. So let’s get to it.

 Gotham – “Beasts of Prey”

Gotham returned from its hiatus, kicking off its last four episodes by bringing a face familiar to the geeky world: Milo Ventimiglia as Jason Lennon aka The Ogre, a very smooth and very deadly serial killer. Gordon happens to get the case by way of a uniformed officer who looks up to Gordon. Needless to say, Harvey Bullock wasn’t too excited to take on another case that didn’t even belong to them. We see Jason’s actions with his victim unfold via flashbacks (clearly Arrow’s style has been so successful it’s rubbing off on everyone). The flashbacks were actually my favorite part of the episode. Perhaps Gotham has lost a little of its sheen for me? How do you feel about it still?

Things get a heck of a lot more interesting when the Modus operandi of The Ogre was revealed to Gordon by Bullock. Turns out, it wasn’t an admiring young GCPD officer helping Gordon, but a pawn in the larger game and Commissioner Loeb’s revenge. Do you think Dr. Leslie Thompkins is going to survive? Or is someone else going to be punished?

Meanwhile, Fish Mooney continues to make plans to escape from the terrifying Dr. Dulmacher. She manages to get caught in by him in his office. He is a truly scary man. But then again, Fish Mooney is scary, too. She’s also a brilliant actress that does everything she can to further her own ends. And she keeps her promises. Bruce and Selina also each take another step to becoming who we know they will become.

While the actual stories of Gotham don’t have me as intrigued as they once did, the cinematography and stylistic choices keep me watching. The shots are captivating.


 The Flash – “All Star Team Up”

We’ve got six episodes left of the Flash and they promise to be a whirlwind with Harrison Wells, Grodd, and crossovers galore! This episode kicks off with Barry helping Joe and Eddie, and all three of them are having way too much fun doing it. It’s actually pretty entertaining to watch, but it does put Eddie in a very awkward position with Iris. I’ve grown to like Eddie more and Iris less over the last several episodes, and this episode is yet another example of that. Eddie wants to do right by Iris, but she just can’t accept it. How bad did you feel for Eddie in that moment?

RayPalmerWe also have Ray and Felicity making an appearance in Central City. Turns out, Ray is looking for help with the power to his ATOM suit. And quite honestly, I think Felicity just wanted to show off her new boyfriend.

“It’s kinda like I’m dating Barry but in Oliver’s body.”

Oh Felicity! I’m glad to see you happy and I hope it lasts. Oddly enough, this one liner actually put her relationship with Ray into more perspective for me, too, plus with Ray’s dramatic entry, we had a classic reference. Who else loved the obvious nod to Superman thrown in when Ray came in for a landing in Central City?

Meanwhile, Barry is having a tough time working with Harrison Wells given what he knows. He wants to tell Caitlin and Cisco, but Joe advises him not to. However, Cisco is actually having flashbacks to the other timeline (the one where Reverse Flash aka Harrison Wells killed him) and is not surprised by Barry’s accusations when he finally does decide to fill them in thanks to Felicity’s advice.

All of this is going on while the team tries to deal with a bunch of robotic killer bees controlled by a very computer savvy woman. So, it turns out the team was lucky Felicity was in town to go head to head with villain of the week. And of course, Felicity kicks butt and drops the mic. I laughed out loud. It was good to see Felicity back in her element and not constantly upset because of Oliver. The robotic bee incident also serves to help inform Barry a little more about Harrison Wells’s past, and his strange personality shift immediately following the death of Tess.

This is a fantastic character episode and certainly helps to set up the final arc. Who else is dying to see how the season concludes?

iZombie – “Fight of the Living Dead”

Zomibe Love! I realize there’s a lot more that happened in this episode, but that’s the big highlight for me. The second highlight – Ryan Hansen aka Dick Casablancas from Veronica Mars. It really wasn’t a surprise to see him pop up in an episode of iZombie given how much Rob Thomas likes him, and I was excited to see him. How about you? What were your favorite parts?

The episode begins with a bunch of adrenaline junkies in a plane getting ready to sky dive. We move on to Ravi and Liv joking about food on a stick due to the skewered sky diver, Holly, they are waiting to take to the morgue. It’s very inappropriate, but also extremely entertaining given Liv’s dietary needs. It turns out that Liv knew the deceased. She was an adventurous free spirit who was kicked out of Liv’s sorority and Liv begins to understand and embrace that spirit after eating Holly’s brain.

The skydiving team that was with Holly all seem to have their own secrets, which becomes more evident as Holly’s murder is solved. The most interesting secrets belong to Lowell Tracy (Bradley James, “Merlin”) who recognizes that Liv is a zombie, like himself.

“I’ll answer a question if you answer a question…do you have a boyfriend?”

And then of course there is the secret that someone killed for – that Max Ragers have 1 in 1,000 people going psychotic. Perhaps more zombies? Time will tell. The adrenaline junkies aren’t the only ones with secrets; it turns out that Detective Clive Babineaux’s homicide Lieutenant is also a zombie, which explains why he doesn’t want Babineaux looking into the missing people. This becomes very unfortunate for Major when he takes things into his own hands. Poor Major. He had things in hand until the henchman went ‘full zombie mode.’

The full intrigue of the zombie population is something I’m dying to know more about, but I do love the slow reveal.

Arrow – “Broken Arrow”

This episode had a lot going on, and while it was all things Ras al Ghul set in motion, it also felt removed from that which was actually kind of a relief. Though his appearance and actions at the end of the episode were kind of a big deal: it continues to keep the story moving, it just happens to be moving back towards Nanda Parbat again.

This episode we also seem to get more a connection between the flashbacks and the present time as both are instances were Oliver needs help, doesn’t want help, and has friends telling him “you need to learn how to let people help you.” It’s particularly poignant in light of all Oliver has done and continues to do for others, like when he tries to help and offer guidance to Ray. Speaking of Ray, anyone else laugh out loud when he wanted a high five for the team-up? Oliver’s resigned looks during each encounter with Ray were also pretty entertaining. As good as those were, the best line was one from Oliver when Ray rambles pointlessly.

“There’s a decent chance that you and Palmer are related…”

Oliver-TheaThis statement was perfect and it follows nicely from Caitlin’s comment in the previous night’s episode of The Flash (“There’s two of them!”). Felicity’s face in response was pretty great, too. It was an episode of great facial expressions running the gamut, though most were pretty heartbreaking (Roy, Thea, Oliver). I was not prepared for the pain Oliver displayed in regards to Roy and I certainly wasn’t prepared for Roy’s fate (in either instance) emotionally, even though I’ve seen the writing on the wall for quite some time. It will be extremely interesting to see where all of this moves Thea into the scheme of things, for a variety of reasons.



Other tidbits:

  • We conveniently learned that meta-humans are not just a result of the particle accelerator explosion.
  • The flashbacks nicely set up conflict between the military and ARGUS.
  • Can we talk about how impressive Jon Diggle is? His willingness to be the one to stand up to Oliver always impresses me and Oliver is lucky to have a friend like Diggle.


So that’s it for DC on TV this week. Thoughts, comments, questions? Excited for what’s coming?