Dawson’s Creek is a teen drama that aired from 1998 to 2003. The show follows aspiring filmmaker Dawson Leery (played by James Van der Beek) and his friends Jen Lindley (played by Michelle Williams), Joey Potter (played by Katie Holmes), and Pacey Witter (played by Joshua Jackson) as they navigate their changing relationships now that they are in high school.

Rewatching the pilot episode, I realized how much has changed. This show aired before cell phones and DVDs were ubiquitous, before Facebook was invented, before we became so digitally connected. It felt quaint that Dawson and Pacey work at a video rental store that rents VHS tapes. It’s even funnier to remember that Dawson’s Creek was viewed as the scandalous new teen show during its original airing because of its open discussion about sex. However compared to today’s tv landscape with shows such asGossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries, Dawson’s Creek seems wholesome.

I didn’t watch the show during it’s original airing because I was too young. However one summer when I was in middle school TBS showed reruns every weekday morning and I became hooked on the show. Come senior year of high school, I bought and binge watched all six seasons. I realize the show is quite cheesy and a bit heavy handed at times but it was my lighthouse in the haze of senior year. I fantasized along with Dawson about becoming a filmmaker and cried with Joey when her heart was broken because my heart had also just been broken. 20 something me would not have fallen so in love with the show, but teenage me found a lovely friend in Dawson’s Creek. If you like cheesy teen dramas and want to nostalgically go down memory lane, definitely give this how a chance.