Hello lovelies!

I thought I would share with you guys some easy and fun but casual ways to dress up for cons. Not all of us are into cosplaying, (I know I love it, but it’s not for everyone) especially with all the hard work and time that can go into cosplaying. Wigs can be itchy (hat hair anyone?), costumes can be uncomfortable after a while and you’re not always wearing the comfiest of shoes when being on your feet all day. Though I love going all out with cosplaying, this year I’m going for comfort but keeping my geekiness at a maximum!

With Halloween approaching and it being Comic Con weekend here in NY, I thought what better time to share these looks than the present? Let’s get into it!

First up we have a Back to the Future inspired look! I paired a simple BTTF tank with this super cute Delorean skirt that is a must have for any Marty McFly wannabe like myself. Silver sneakers (these are sneaker wedges!) are always a staple in my wardrobe, I refer to them as my “future shoes.” I finished off the look with a holographic baseball cap ala Marty McFly Jr. in BTTF 2, I just happened to have this lying around after cosplaying Marty a few years ago. If you want to go even more casual, ditch the skirt, cap and sneakers; opt for skinny blue jeans, aviators and converse, oh and a watch for any time traveling that may occur!

back to the future inspired look

Tank & sneakers – Forever 21
Delorean skirt – GoFollowRabbits
Holographic baseball cap – Urban Collector

This Ghostbusters look is a really easy and fun way to show your love of the movies and how cute you’d look as a Ghostbuster without actually going out and buying/making your own jumpsuit. I took this men’s trompe l’oeil costume t-shirt in a XXL and wore it as a dress. I liked it being a little oversized, but you can always take it in like I did here with a similar shirt. These kinds of shirts are very popular and are available in a range of different designs for so many characters, so you can easily apply this idea to any other character really. Slimer accessories are encouraged!

ghostbusters inspired dress

Ghostbusters t-shirt-turned-dress – Target
Green tights – Macys
Boots – JCPenney
Slimer watch – Ebay

This Ghost World look is my favorite one, as Enid is someone I always want to dress like in or out of cosplay. I wore my favorite shirt, which is actually a replica of one of the shirts Enid wears in the movie, and paired it with a plaid skirt. If you have a mini skirt, that’s perfect! I finished off the look with Enid’s signature combat boots, and for an extra element of nerditude, I added a latex mask and glasses much like the ones she wears in the movie. You can opt out of the mask if you want and just wear thick glasses, these are my prescription ones! Enid is super stylish so you don’t have to rock this specific look. She has tons of cute outfits that can easily be recreated for daily wear!

ghost world inspired outfit

Raptor shirt – indigofeet
Plaid skirt – Wet Seal
Latex mask – Ebay

This last outfit is the most casual, I think, but it’s so good for any Wes Anderson fans out there! This Steve Zissou/Team Zissou inspired look is the most comfy out of all of these looks, but fellow geeks will appreciate it for sure. I wore a simple light blue shirtdress with tights in a darker blue. You can also go for a light blue crop top and mini if you have one. Finish the look with white sneakers and Zissou’s signature red beanie and you’re good to go exploring!

life aquatic/steve zissou inspired look

Light blue shirtdress – Forever 21
Royal blue tights – Macys
White sneakers – Keds
Red beanie – gifted

I hope you all enjoyed these looks and that you apply some of the ideas I have here to your own casual cosplays!

Be sure to let me know in the comments what else you’d like to see from me, and just keep being your cute self!
♥ Darshana