Hello Iggles and welcome to my second blog post! 🙂 For today’s lovely blog post, I’ll be talking about a computer game that has recently been getting a lot of recognition. League of Legends. It was hardly known as well as it is now. But now that many FPS (first person shooter) and racing games seem to be dwindling down, computer gaming has come a long way for many people.

The first season (first run of the game) was held in a room about the size of an office space compared to season 4 (which recently finished) being held in a Olympic stadium along with imagine dragons. It’s amazing how much recognition the game has gotten. Countries around the globe are taking part in the game. Several teams have been created around the globe to compete in championships everywhere and no matter where it’s held, it seems people from all around the world join together to watch two teams compete in the final standings. This game, when placed in competitions, finish and continue by season. It’s 4th worldwide competition finished and so it’s 4th season has finished for all players.

Playing the game helps the player develop strategizing skills and team working skills. It doesn’t require a whole lot to play and it’s fun to play with several friends to even create a team. While this game has the option to make in-game purchases, it isn’t necessary to play the game. Playing the game is completely free. Some purchases include leveling up (ranks), champions (your characters), skins for those champions, riot points (earned virtual “money”) or IP (influence points), or even boosts to help build your stats faster within the game. Riot points can only be used to buy skins for your champions or championships. IP points can buy anything else the game has to offer. Influence points can be earned by winning a game or losing a game. It all depends on the player’s gameplay.

Two names that are important in this game are summoners and champions, you are the summoner. In this game, when you select which role(s) you prefer to play, there is a variety of characters to play for each role. These characters are called Champions. Champions are the characters you play. Each one brings a special sort of twist to the game, this is called meta. Meta are the championships that can be played in a certain period throughout the game, because the game is changing constantly. Every 2 or 4 weeks a new patch (upgrades if you will) comes out for the champions. This patch can change a champion by adding features to them or boosting them in different areas. There are 5 different roles to choose from to play in the game. Top, Jungle, Support, Mid and ADC. Each role is assigned to different sections of the map.  There are exactly 122 champions so far in the game.

Below are brief descriptions of what each role does. (As explained to me by a long time player of the game)


TOP: Usually someone who does melee damage, a bruiser.

JUNGLE: The same as top but their kit (skills) is mainly in the jungle, they can help all roles in their lanes.

SUPPORT: They’re to help the ADC and their lane. Also help the overall team with crowd control and healing.

MID: Two types, aid assassins: attack damage and mages. They build ability power, they are more focused on their abilities than auto attacking.

ADC: Based strictly on auto attacking, more reliant on attacking than abilities.

Each role is then also assigned to a lane. The lanes are sections to which the roles are assigned to and the allies in the map.


To the best of my knowledge and time playing this, I think this picture best describes what i was talking about above.

In addition to this constant changing, quick pace, quick thinking, magical game, there are different modes to play the game. The big two modes some players choose are Summoners rift and of course the main game mode, there are several other types of modes but these are the main ones.

Though I haven’t been playing as long as many players I know or possibly some of you, I definitely think this a game worth trying. I can understand how confusing it can be at first but honestly once you play for a few hours or days, you can get the hang of it. By the way I recommend buying a wireless mouse or wired mouse because it makes playing the game way easier! Trust me, I have learned this the hard way.

Thanks for reading, let me know if any of you are already players or took an interest to play after reading this!

P.S. Happy Holidays! 🙂