I think it’s safe to assume that Dean Winchester would be an avid comic book reader (and he would definitely watch Anime) – if he had the downtime that is.  While Sam is notoriously “the nerdy one,” Dean has shown he’s a pretty big geek in his own right. We get a glimpse of Dean’s geeky side in episodes like Larp and the Real Girl (the episode where you realize Dean would totally play World of Warcraft), and throughout the series with his elaborate pop culture references and love of dressing up in different costumes. When Dean likes something he totally becomes a fangirl, and that’s part of the reason we love him. So exactly what kind of comics would Dean Winchester read?

1. American Vampire

This is a different take on the traditional vampire story that Dean Winchester would appreciate. It follows the evolution of vampires, and more specifically traces the bloodline of a new species of vampire throughout history starting in the 19th century. American Vampire would satisfy Dean’s love of history as we see in As Time Goes By, and his interest (and hatred) for Vampires and their origin. The vampires in American Vampire also closely reflect the type of vampires we see in Supernatural – unlike the cliché sparkly vampires of recent years. And as an added bonus… Dean could just pretend he’s researching vamps when Sam decides to bug him about wasting time!

2. The Woods

Dean would likely still be drawn to the supernatural in comics, because let’s face it…he lives and breathes his line of work. However, he’d still be looking for a bit of escapism in his choice of comics; that’s where The Woods comes in! The Woods is a hilarious and occasionally horrific supernatural tale about the entire population of a Milwaukee high school that vanishes – ending up in an ancient forest outside the bounds of the known universe. Dean would revel in the breakneck pace with which the comic goes from witty to eerie and slightly gruesome. The cast of high-schoolers we follow are reminiscent of quirky 80s high school sitcom characters which Dean would appreciate, and the fantastical creatures we meet along the way are creatures he won’t likely meet in his day-to-day hunting. The Woods would give him what he loves, but keep the fantasy element that would be hard for a hunter to get from most works of supernatural fiction.

3. Batman: Year One

Dean would definitely be a lover of the more classic superheroes, and if for no other reason than this scene in Bad Day at Black Rock I think he’d appreciate a good Batman story. Batman: Year One is a spin on the classic Batman story and it’s simple in the sense that there are no villains. I think Dean would appreciate a story that is at its core just about two people (Batman and James Gordon) trying to help a city that’s gone bad, because in the end that’s what hunting is for Dean.

4. Chrononauts

There’s a love-hate relationship between Dean and time travel, but I feel like he would relate to the characters and adventures in Chrononauts. Chrononauts follows two Lewis and Clark-type characters as they travel through time and struggle to decide whether or not to use their knowledge to change history for the betterment of mankind… or themselves. Dean knows first-hand the implications of time-travel (look what happened to his not-so-deadbeat grandfather, for example), and I think he’d pick up this comic as a witty look at a concept he knows all to well.

5. The Guild

What if Charlie wrote a comic based on the online and offline lives of her and her fellow role-playing gamer friends? Dean would totally read it! Not only do we catch a glimpse of his interest in the LARPing community in Larp and the Real Girl, but he would totally read a book about a girl like Charlie and her gamer friends, because as much as he wants to deny it – he’s a complete geek. This would be Dean’s not-so-guilty-pleasure; while he may hide it from Sam he would absolutely love this comic and the corresponding webseries.

Thank you for all the responses to my last Comics For post, and all the tweets looking for recommendations. A BIG thank you to Desiree for tweeting me and giving me the idea for this post!

What comics do you think Dean Winchester would enjoy? And if you’re an Anime fan, I’d love to hear what Anime you think Dean would watch, too! As always, don’t forget to tell me in the comments or tweet me what you’d like to see recommendations for in the next post!