This week’s Wearable look is inspired by a character most recently seen in Suicide Squad: Enchantress! Let’s find out how to create this look!

I know Enchantress is not an Avenger, which is what inspired the rest of this series, but I’ve been playing Avengers Academy way too much and I became inspired by this other character. Once again this is mostly a guideline.

As always prime that beautiful face, foundation, concealer, contour whatever you want to do. I am only doing concealer under my eyes and on my cheekbones because I have some wonderful eyebags courtesy of my girlfriend wanting me to stay up and talk to her. Also smiling Liz because girlfriend is sweet and was talking to me.


Then she had to leave so back to frowning, perpetually angry Liz.

Black shadow wing

For this I did a long, thin wing using eyeshadow. Don’t use too much or you’ll get fallout and it’ll be hard to correct mistakes.


Next I did a medium green right onto the lid.

Sparkly green

Then to add some sparkle I took what looks like just the sparkly version of the medium green I used.


I then put a medium purple onto the inner lid.

purple liner

I used a purple liner below my lower lash line about halfway across my eye.


Lastly, mascara on upper and lower lashes and purple lipstick.

Finished face

All done! Glasses decided to be helpful and not block all my makeup…just most of it.

If you have questions, or comments about the Enchantress look, leave them in the comments and I will answer in what is hopefully a timely fashion!

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Which character would y’all like to see? Comment below!