Hello little darlings!

I love doing my super black cat eyeliner everyday, I’d definitely even say I feel naked without it, but sometimes it’s fun to add colors and mix it up a little bit!

I’m here to show you how to do a bold colorful cat-eye look using 3 different methods, let’s get started!

This first technique is using a matte eyeshadow, I’m using Sugarpill Cosmetics eyeshadow in Velocity


First you want to use an angled eyeliner brush (or just a tiny brush if you feel comfortable) and wet it with water or a makeup setting spray if you have it. Then you want to pick up your color and make a line going toward the tip of your eyebrow.


Next you want to start with the inner corner of your eye and connect it to the line you previously made. Don’t worry about being too precise, eyeshadow is much easier to remove than eyeliner! Use a q-tip dipped in makeup remover to clean-up around the line.


Fill in the line and build up the color until it’s opaque. And you’re done!
This next method is a really fun one. I decided to use my favorite loose eyeshadow/pigment ever, Sugarpill Cosmetics Asylum, a lovely metallic red.


Using a flat eyeliner brush, put some of the loose eyeshadow in the cap of the container and add a drop of water/setting spray. It will be a paste-like consistency, and this is a bit easier to use than regular pressed eyeshadow. Make a line going up to the tip of your eyebrow.


Make a line going from your inner corner and connect it to the line you just made.


Fill in the line and you’re done! The metallic finish makes this cat-eye catch the light really nicely.

The final method I will be showing you is using a metallic/glittery eyeliner! I’m using Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner in El Dorado. It’s the easiest out of the three looks, but I know not everyone wants to spend lots of money on eyeliner, so that is why I’m showing you 3 methods. Milani also makes really nice colored eyeliners!


Make a line going to the tip of your eyebrow.


Make a line going from your inner corner and connect it to the line you just made. Try to keep the line fluid and curved when drawing out your flick.


And fill it in! You can stop right here if you like, but I wanted to add some definition.


Repeat all the steps above using a black liquid eyeliner, and draw a cat eye slightly below the gold eyeliner. I really like the peek-a-boo effect you get with the gold eyeliner above the black!

I hope you guys found this helpful, as always I’m open to suggestions for makeup and fashion related posts!
If you end up trying any of these looks, I would love to see it!

Keep being your cute self,
♥ Darshana