Greeting Iggles and Miggles! It’s your dedicated Overlord Stewie! The International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club is so well known for being the place where you can connect with another geek from across the globe who shares your specific geek love, and swap snail mail. But did you know that you can also partake in many other fun on-site and off-site activities here at the IGGPPC? It’s not JUST about snail mail here, oh no folks – it’s about so much more. Check out some of the neat things you can do!

Swaps & Exchanges

Did you know we are constantly having fun Swaps & Exchanges? And for those who love getting snail mail, gifts, or Christmas, we have a particularly fun one coming up called Christmas in July! Here’s the 411. You can sign up to be paired on June 1 (make sure to check the forum to find the link for where to sign up!). You can sign up until June 15, and your pair ups will be sent out June 22. Easy as that! Find more details by following @GeekSanta on Twitter. Join the conversation, or get more details on the official Swaps & Exchanges forums thread! As a reminder, you can join in all kinds of fun Swaps & Exchanges on our forums here. We’ve swapped tea, stickers, postcards, mix tapes, craft supplies, and much more!

Still unsure? Here are a few snaps of some fun swaps and exchanges we’ve had.
cardswap postcardswap
stickerswap2 teaswap
bookmarkswap candyswap

If that looks like a good time to you, we’d love to have you! A ton of fun swaps will be opening up this summer. Keep an eye on the forums or the Swaps & Exchanges page for details coming very soon. If you have any questions, or maybe have ideas for a swap you’d like to start,  tweet at Kara, aka Swap Master K, our swap master of awesomeness!

Book Club

If you’re a regular book worm like some of us, than you absolutely must join our Book Club. They’ve torn through such epic books as The Hitchhiker‘s Guide to the Galaxy, Howl’s Moving Castle, World War Z and The Ocean at the End of the Lane. And they aren’t stopping anytime soon! Plus, earn achievements for reading all the books! Find out more by checking out their official Book Club forums section. If you want to join, give a tweet to Liz… she runs the show!


IggleBugs is a play on the word ShutterBug, and our Iggles are definitely ShutterBugs! You can find a weekly post about our IggleBugs 365 Challenge on our blog. Plus, earn sweet achievements for snapping pics every day. If you want to join up, or have any questions, give a tweet to Toasty or check out the official IggleBugs section of the forums! She is the head honcho of all things IggleBugs, and a very accomplished photographer herself.

^ Photo by Astratkotter

^ Photo by Kuraire

^ Photo by FlowersandSilence

^ Photo by SianeWilliams

IGGPPC Vloggers

Our crack team of not-so-camera-shy Iggles do weekly videos on YouTube under the name the IGGPPC Vloggers! Learn all about them and all kinds of other things, including Holidays, the Disney tag, Random Facts, and much more! Check them out here! Follow them on Twitter for all their awesome updates as well! You can also check them out in their official IGGPPC Vloggers section of the forums!

Meet Ups

If you’re in the Indiana area, our Ninja Valerie is going to be playing Where’s Waldo at Indy Con – see if you can find her! You can read about our going to Indy PopCon here! To find out about other Meet Ups, or to plan one in your area, check out the official Meet Up section of the forums.

+5 Charisma Bloggers

As always, our blog is constantly chocked full of great geeky content from our fantastic bloggers. Whether it’s manga, anime, comic books, movie, cooking, crafting, thrifting, or just being a geek in general, all of our geek girl bloggers have something for you. Read all about it here!

What’s your favorite IGGPPC activity? Can you think of any we should add? Let us know in a comment?