Have you ever wanted to be a cat and just nap all day or maybe play with a ball of yarn

with no judgement from your peers? Have you ever had the itch to go up to a glass and knock it off the counter or maybe knock all the things in a store over? What if I could help you fulfill your wish today!? I present to you our Indie game of the month that is cat approved – Catlateral Damage. Take up with your inner feline and wreck all the things you’ve ever dreamed of in the new and exciting indie game.

Paw’s Up


Catlateral Damage is a game about playing as a destructive kitten on a rampage throughout various locations and maps. It’s a score based game that you win by knocking over a set number of objects in order to progress to the next challenge.  There are two modes to pick from: Litter Box and Objective. Every map within the game is procedural generated and have seeds to spawn different setups. You can, however, pick different settings like a museum or a convenience store. There are limitless item combinations for you to knock over in your catnip infused rampage.

Objective Mode: A mode in which you knock over a pre-determined amount of items in a setting.

Litter Box Mode:  Free play mode that lets you select the setting and knock over items to your heart’s content.

You can unlock animal pictures by playing in both these modes as well as new cats to play as! The unlock process is incredibly simple and only needs you to destroy your environment and nap in a cardboard box at the end.

Catnip and Kitty Tracks

From Official Website.

From Official Website.

The game is extremely easy to play and works well with both a controller or a mouse. The only thing you need to worry about is using your paw to knock over your objects and becoming one with your jumping skills. There are power-ups that will appear throughout the level that will give you different powers. A notification pops up to alert you to power up box to destroy and you can get level ups like super jump and super speed. The controls will probably be a little strange at first as cats move pretty weird and you’ve never had to use your paws before but fear not, it will subside and you will soon be juggling balls of yarn like you were born a kitten.

This game is also VR COMPATIBLE! If you wanted more kitty like immersion you can now have it with any PC compatible VR set. On top of that this game gets FREE UPDATES. The replay value is also insane since the worlds are always changing and the music is oh so charming. The game is currently available on PC and PS4 and is available at 10 USD. On top of all of that the achievements are really sensible and easy to get if you need some extra boosts to your trophy section. So what are you waiting for? Go become a cat today with Catlateral Damage!

What do you think about this Indie game? Have you transcended into a kitten yet? Let us know in the comments below!