It’s that time of the month where we wrap up our thoughts on this month’s trade of our choice and celebrate all things comic book! Since Captain America: Civil War was released this month (in the U.S. at least), the Iggles’ Comic Book Alliance gathered together and read the Civil War trade for the first time to prepare us for what was about to happen on the silver screen. I love when we can read certain comics that pertain to movies or shows happening at the moment, so this felt like such a perfect opportunity to introduce more people to the world of Marvel comics. Especially Civil War. Also perfect timing because the sequel to Civil War releases this month! But before we get started, make sure to check out our review of last month’s pick, Star Wars, Vol. 1; Skywalker Strikes?, right here. Now let’s get started!

Captain America: Civil War comic review


Civil War is popular for a reason. Taking two of the most popular superheroes from the Marvel Universe, Iron Man and Captain America, among others, and pitting them together is something that was fresh and new in the comic world. It was a big thing to fans everywhere and would go on to become a 7-issue series that shed a new light into this unknown world of superheroes. This real and visceral light. Asking the question, “Who’s in charge of the superheroes and the damage they’ve caused?” is a question I’d wondered before. Who takes responsibility for all the damage done to countless cities, lives lost by accident? Enter Civil War.

The “Civil War” begins when the government passes a Superhero Registration Act which means that the Avengers would basically be working under the government themselves instead of instinct. So Captain America and Iron Man wouldn’t be able to take down Hydra without the government’s approval or they’d suffer big consequences. While Iron Man agrees with this, Captain America has different ideals. Thus forms the Civil War. Certain Avengers agree with Steve, while the others agree with Tony. And this is where the battle begins.

Between characters’ motives and how they react to said motives, lots of character development happens in this trade while also showering down some social commentary on the world as it is today. There’s a reason Civil War is so popular. It took the characters you know and love and shook them up, making you question not only their choices, but yours as well. I won’t go into spoiler territory because if you’re a fan of Iron Man and/or Captain America, you’ll want to go into this without much knowledge, even if you’ve seen the film already. So the question remains: What team are you on? Captain America or Iron Man?

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iZOMBIE follows the life of Gwen Dylan, a zombie who works as a gravedigger in Eugene, Oregon in order to be close to a ready food supply. She needs to eat one brain a month or she turns into a shambling creature out of Night of the Living Dead. When she eats brains, however, she also gets the memories that they come with. These memories always lead to some mystery that Gwen needs to solve.

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