WELCOME to the IGGPPC Camp Tabletop Tournament! Those of you brave enough to take on the challenge have been assigned your opponents. Please follow the directions below in order to compete.

Your pairs are listed on the IGGPPC Tabletop Tournament Database in each tab of the spreadsheet. Some of you will be in pairs and others in a group of three.

Please contact your opponent and set up a time to complete the games on BoardGameArena.com. If there are problems, please notify AdventGeekGirl as soon as possible.

You will have until midnight PST on Wednesday to play the 5 games. Please set up your play times with your partners. You can compete in any order. For more information on the games, remember to read all about them here.

  • Dragonheart (Best of 3 games)
  • Seasons (Best of 1 game)
  • Saboteur (Best of 5 games)
  • Takenoko (Best of 1 game)
  • Tokaido (Best of 1 game)

After you have played your game, please list the win/lose and date for the game on the game spreadsheet. Click on the tabs to switch between games. The date is important so that I can verify information on BoardGameArena.

On Thursday, the four highest ranking players (subject to change) will be announced and will compete in a finals tournament on Brettspielwelt on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Times will have to be set and honored.

To Initiate a Game

  1. On BoardGameArena.com, click on the game you want to play (only one player needs to set up the table).
  2. On the game page, there is a button that allows you to create a table.
  3. Once you have opened up a table, you can select your game speed. Choose a preference that works for you and your opponent.
  4. Then scroll down and input the name of the player(s) you want to play using their BoardGameArena name.
  5. Make sure for groups of 3 or 4 you have it raised to 3 or 4 players. For Saboteur, leave the dropdowns alone, except for the number of players.
  6. Follow the directions of BoardGameArena, which will help you as you work through the site. .

Good luck!