Camp IGGPPC… you mean everything to me. Yes, it’s our glorious IGGPPCamp! It’s back! And just in case you’ve missed out, you can find out everything that’s going on here on our Camp homepage. Remember the glorious goodie bags we gathered and sent last year – Camp Kits, whose proceeds benefited the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund? Together we raised $400 to aid marginalized women and their famlies. Well, they’re back… sort of! We’ve got a few leftovers, and want you guys to get into the camp spirit – and what better way to get hyped then by entering to win free goodies, and connecting with your fellow camp mates!? We’ve got multiple ways to enter and multiple ways to win – so let’s get started!

What can you win?

You will win an assortment of glorious Camp Kit goodies from last year’s Camp Kit. Every kit will be different because we only have a random limited number of each item left, so be sure once you find out you win to specifically request anything you particularly want!


First way to win: Show Us Your Troop Pride!

Calling all Troops! Are you in a feisty camper in Troop Firebolt? Sworn to Troop Serenity? Or way into Troop Impala? However you want to show your fellow troopers what you’re feeling about your troop (or whichever troop you would have wanted to join if you didn’t make it in time for troop registration) – we want to you to show it! Take to Twitter or Instagram and share using #IGGPPCamp (make sure to use the keyword Troop in your post!) And tag your respective Troop! (Troop Firebolt on Twitter | Troop Impala on Twitter | Troop Serenity on Twitter)

Second way to win: Let’s Share Camp Memories!

Memories… light the corners of my tent! Let’s talk about our favorite IGGPPCamp memories (or just Camp memories if this is your first year!) Use #IGGPPCamp and take to Twitter or Instagram, sharing your favorite memories, images, stories, and nostalgic banter (make sure to use the keyword Memory/Memories in your post!) We want to hear about your fondest pastimes, your silliest friendship encounters, your most solid s’mores-making stories, and of course that epic tale of how you built a blanket fort to end all blanket forts!

Third way to win: Twitter Talent Show!

Show off your hidden talents, guilty fandoms, massive collections, or quirky abilities to your fellow campers, before you get to the Campground! Introduce yourself to other #IGGPPCamp members by getting creative and strange – can you sing the Stranger Things theme song with a kazoo? Did you build a replica of the USS Enterprise in your garage? Do you own every Lumberjanes novel? Really, anything that is totally YOU will count – so whatever your unique talent is, let’s see it! Share using #IGGPPCamp (make sure to use the keyword Talent in your post!)

This giveaway will run all the way until the end of Camp on August 22, so get to sharing! We look forward to seeing your incredible entries. 5 winners will be selected at random – but there may be more entrants who will win, based on how many “Camp Kits” we can put together – so enter, enter, enter! Make sure to stay glued to the Camp homepage for updates, our ever-active Camp Forums, and to our dedicated IGGPPCamp Twitter as well. Hope to see you round the Campfire, Iggles!