Hello Iggles! As you may know, we are celebrating our first birthday this month!

Your ninjas are putting together a little video and possible photo collage to represent the year of IGGPPC, and we need your help! Please submit any photos or short videos you have that represent IGGPPC.

What we’re looking for in particular:

Photos of letters, packages, or gifts you have sent to or received from your pen pal or other members of IGGPPC.

Did you meet your pen pal? Send us a picture or video!

What does IGGPPC mean to you or how has it changed your life? Send us a picture or short video (less than thirty seconds) that represents that.

Wish IGGPPC a happy birthday! Send us a photo or short video (less than thirty seconds) celebrating our club’s first birthday.

Are you participating in our birthday post card swap? Send us pictures of yourselves mailing your birthday post cards! It could be , as swap co-organizer Kara says, “Here I am at the post office, here is my hand sticking the cards in a post box, OR it could be like HERE I AM WEARING A PARTY HAT WITH CAKE AND MY POSTCARDS!”

Also, if you have any photos or gifs or ideas for a “You know you’re an Iggle when” type of post, please submit them with a short description.

How to submit:
Please e-mail your submissions to: iggppcstaff@gmail.com by Friday, March 14th.
You may submit for any of these things, but depending on the amount of submissions, everything may not make it into the video, depending on time and space. Anyone who submits will get a special achievement for submitting something to us.
Featured image credit: http://www.queen.com.au/blog/