In news that makes me so happy I could fly (my broomstick, that is), Universal’s Hollywood Studios will be expanding their park in 2016 with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! The Wizard World of Harry Potter is the key staple of Orlando’s Universal Studios, so the only logical next step would be to bring it to the West Coast. Best part of this all? They’re apparently upgrading a few things.

According to the announcement, The Forbidden Journey (the best Harry Potter ride ever) will be getting the 3D treatment in the form of Quidditch goggles. The ride is already outstanding on its own, but adding 3D will definitely make the ride that much better. For now, I do believe the expansion is only Hogsmeade, with Diagon Alley to come at a later time, but how can you be disappointed when Hogwarts is coming to California?

Sources: Geekynews, photo