Gaming is a powerful way of telling stories to people of all ages and cultures. Games contain beautiful landscapes, creatures, and insightful characters that you love. But did you know about all the book counterparts gaming has? From Halo, the Sci-fi Shooter, to the goofy Kingdom Hearts, there are books based on games that explain and expand their universes to amazing levels. This month we are going to learn more about franchises we love with one of the most classic forms of media, a book.

Fantasy Recommendations

The Witcher: The Last Wish

The Last Wish cover.

Witcher: The Witcher series is one of the few games that was based off of a book series.  Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski started to publish The Witcher, a collection of short stories about Geralt, in 1990 and has continued publishing them up in to 2012. The most and important to understanding points of the game series is The Last Wish which contains the story of Geralt, Yennifer, and Ciri leading up to the first game.

Elder scrolls

The Elder Scrolls:Infernal City cover.

Elder Scrolls: Elder scrolls is well known for its expansive in-game books and lore that a player can find and read at their pleasure. The books are very much recommended for fans of the series and noted for not being accessible to newcomers. The Elder Scrolls:Infernal City is based after The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Tamriel is threatened by Umbriel, a floating city that causes death and destruction wherever it goes as well as creating an undead army of its victims.

dragon age

Dragon Age: The World of Thedas cover.

Dragon age: Dragon Age can be a compelling series for those of us who have been playing for a bit. Newcomers though may be a little iffy to dive into the middle of an ongoing plot. Thankfully we have Dragon Age: The World of Thedas to help out and catch you up on everything from races to religion. If you are new to the series or looking for a way to jump in this book is a definite need for you. If you’re already a fan you can try the prequel to Dragon Age:Origins, The Stolen Throne and dive into the tale of young Maric as he becomes the leader of the Rebel Army.


Ico: Castle in the Mist cover

Ico: Ico is the counterpart to the famous PS2 game Shadow of the Colossus. However Ico still fetches a pretty high price of $50 USD on amazon and that doesn’t include getting a compatible console if you don’t already own one. If you’re still interested in the story and don’t want the high price or don’t feel too keen on the puzzle solving focus of the game then Ico: Castle in the Mist is a good alternative. This book simply tells the story of the game, but even for those that played Ico they may find some new details the game didn’t offer.

Bonus Info

These fantasy books are all available for purchase from Amazon and range around $10 USD. They mostly come in paperback format but a select few can be found in hardback so be sure to check. If you’re looking for used book check out Thriftbooks for great deals on used  books and free shipping on all orders over $10 to the United States!

Are you interested in any of these fantasy titles or have you read them already? Let us know in the comments below!