Gaming is a powerful way of telling stories to people of all ages and cultures. Games contain beautiful landscapes, creatures, and insightful characters that you love. But did you know about all the book counterparts gaming has? From Halo, the Sci-fi Shooter, to the goofy Kingdom Hearts, there are books based on games that explain and expand their universes to amazing levels. This month we are going to learn more about franchises we love with one of the most classic forms of media, a book.

Sci-fi Recommendations

fall of reach

Fall of Reach Cover

Halo: It’s known for its great game play and hero, Master Chief. The books, however, dive into almost every character in the series and planets you only hear about. They’re a great expansion into the Spartan lore and give the expanded universe of Halo an almost Star Wars like feel. The Halo books even provide the canon story for Halo: Reach, titled The Fall of Reach, which spawned a sequel, Ghosts of Onyx, that explores the concepts of Shield Worlds which are the counterpart to the series namesake Halos. These books also give Master Chief a lot of characterization and show him interacting with the rest of the Spartan IIs that he was trained with.


                          Revelation Cover

Mass Effect: This series exploded onto the gaming scene after its first game captured the hearts of gamers with a great sci-fi setting, interesting characters and ideas, and the wonderful interaction of the Normandy’s crew and the player. Mass Effect also has a set of books, Retribution, Revelation, and Ascension, that give backstory to a lot of the major characters introduced in the first game. A main attraction for these is a look into the backstory of the first game’s antagonist, Saren Arterius.

dead space martyr

                                Martyr Cover

DeadSpace: Known for Isaac Clarke’s journey to eliminate Necromorph invasion from ships he was sent to repair. The game series is known for its visual representation and story-heavy moments. The books are no different and go into the darkened corners of the universe. Dead Space: Martyr is the prequel showing the beginning of the Unitology and the begging of the prophet. Dead Space: Catalyst is written by the same author as Martyr; this book explores the efforts of Earth’s government trying to stop the Necromorph plague and save humanity.

rapture big daddy

                         The Big Daddy Cover

Bioshock: These games take you below the waves of the sea to a world dominated by corruption. The books, however, show you life before all hell breaks loose. Rapture: Big Daddy  takes you into the life of a man searching for his daughter after moving to Rapture for a promising life of wealth and discovering the seedy underworld and its troubles. Bioshock: Rapture shows you the rise and fall of Rapture from the man who built it to its great disaster. These are both great prequels to the first game and for anyone who wants to expand their lore.

    Bonus Info

These books are all available for purchase from Amazon and range around 10 USD. They mostly come in paperback format but a select few can be found in hardback so be sure to check. If you’re looking for lighter reading, there are also comics to look into for all the above titles except for Bioshock. So be sure to check up on your reading and look out for the rest of our book suggestions this month!

Are you interested in any of these titles or have you read them already? Let us know in the comments below!