Gaming is a powerful way of telling stories to people of all ages and cultures. Games contain beautiful landscapes, creatures, and insightful characters that you love. But did you know about all the book counterparts gaming has? From Halo, the Sci-fi Shooter, to the goofy Kingdom Hearts, there are books based on games that explain and expand their universes to amazing levels. This month we are going to learn more about franchises we love with one of the most classic forms of media, a book. 

Adventure Recommendations 


Cover: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days.

Kingdom Hearts: Sora and his friends Donald Duck and Goofy set out on an adventure to find lost friends and save the various Disney worlds with some Final Fantasy thrown in.  Along this journey they meet a host of Disney characters like Snow White, Tarzan, Cinderella, and even Jack Sparrow.  The Kingdom Hearts Manga based off of the game tells the complete story through the events of Kingdom Hearts 2. They’re an easy and great read that have a slightly different perspective on the stories you love.



Cover: The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.

The Legend of Zelda: Link is always finding himself in adventures, from helping masked salesman to turning into a wolf. Almost everyone has a favorite Zelda game that they have played more than once. But most people don’t know that there is a manga for every one of the games and they even have a 10 book box set for around 50 USD retail!  So if you want to see Link’s perspective of the adventures you have taken him on over the years be sure to pick it up and give it a shot!


Cover: The Electric Tale of Pikachu Vol.1.

Pokemon: You wouldn’t think it from the games and anime but the Pokemon comic series is extremely story heavy. If you’re an adult and want a more mature Pokemon adventure, I advise picking up The Electric Tale of Pikachu. It is based in the first region of Kanto when there where only 151 Pokemon and follows the tale of an alternative Ash. The manga runs through the first season of the anime and into the Orange Islands and has several gripping moments. You could also choose to follow the legendary Red in Pokemon Adventures.



Cover: Yo-kai Watch Vol. 1.

Yo-kai Watch: Yo-kai Watch is taking the world by storm thanks to its funny and cute characters. The characters have their own Yo-kai Watch Manga that launched alongside the game and is completely comedy based. Have you ever wondered what happens when a Tsuchinoko uses its luck power? Has Jibanyan ever tried to eat any of the other food based yo-kai?  What happens to all your lost jewelery? All of these questions are answered in the hilarious take on the Yo-kai Watch stories.

Bonus Info

These adventure books are all available for purchase from Amazon and range around $13 USD. They mostly come in paperback format but a select few can be found in comic format so be sure to check. If you’re looking for used books check out Thriftbooks for great deals on used books and free shipping on all orders over $10 to the United States!

Are you interested in any of these adventure titles or have you read them already? Let us know in the comments below!

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