Welcome to Bookish Fitness! This month we aim to help you keep healthy while still enjoying a good book. We are going to set different challenges that you can complete while you are reading!

First Things First:

First of all, you need to choose a book or books that you will be reading for this challenge. It can be absolutely anything you like, but we’d love you to tell us what your choice is either here or on Twitter.

Once you’ve chosen your book and let us know, each day, you can then chose from the activities listed below to complete as your daily challenge. You can do as many as you like of the activities, but three is the absolute minimum. We’d like to hear from you as to which activities you’ve chosen each day and what page you’re up to in your book following your workout.


Onto the activities:

  1.  – Place your book open on the floor and assume the plank position. Hold the plank until you come to the end of the page and need to turn over.
  2.  – You want to read some of your book today, that’s fine, but you can only read as many pages as you can do sit ups. (Let us know how many you manage)
  3.  – Hold your book out directly in front of you and complete 25 squats.
  4.  – Read while you complete 20 glute-squeezes (Here is a good video explaining how to do them correctly).
  5.  – Complete 25 leg raises while reading your book (just make sure not to drop it on yourself!!)
  6.  – Sit on the floor with your legs apart and place your book between your legs. Reach towards your right foot with your right hand and hold that position for one minute while you read. Repeat on the left side. Complete 5 reps on each side.

We really hope you enjoy this bookish workout and we look forward to hearing from you all about your book choices and how many pages you manage each day. Make sure you contact us on twitter @IggleFitness and use the hashtags #IggleFitness and #IggleFit.