Birthdays are even better when you have….

A huge box of geeky wonderful goodies to open!

We have an awesome and epic batch of goodies from Emy (@stareiskies) to giveaway because she is the bees knees!

Up for grabs are some delightful, delectable, and super fun goodies! starei giveaway 1

The winner of this giveaway will get the perfect combination of geekery.

Books, postcards, stickers, figurines… 20160312_211139


StareiIf you’re very lucky, you’ll also get to unwind with some of Emy’s own handcrafted bath bombs!

As a long-time community member, you’ve probably already met Starei in the forums, through her blog posts, or via twitter and Instagram!

A Louisiana native, our Starei goes “gaga over Pokemon, Dr. Who, Cassandra Clare, Sailor Moon and pretty much everything”. We are so excited that she’s turned her talents to crafting some all natural and delicious geeky bath products!



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This giveaway will run from March 19 until March 25. It is open to international entrants.