You know what you need for our birthday? Paper goods. Everything is new when you have a birthday. It’s kind of like a romantic anniversary because we just want to tell you all how much we love you. But because we’re animal friendly instead of a leather gift (pfft, tradition) we have paper goods.


So what will you be getting? Stationery, of course, but stationery isn’t all you’re getting when you enter this giveaway – it’s a serious pile of paper goods! There are craft elements and goodies for creative snail-mailing! And we all know Aerin likes sharing. Do you guys remember she made those awesome Pen Pal Snail Mail Trackers a while back? Remember: birthdays are good for your soul. So is paper.

We asked Aerin to give us a little background on herself, and how she found the club, and here’s what she had to say:

Born & raised new england’er, House Organa + Matilda, works in digital marketing. I found IGGPPC after moving from Maine to Connecticut a few years back and having a hard time making adult friends (adult friends are hard!). In my spare time I love to craft, marathon TV shows (last one was the Great British Bake Off), read books, play Stardew Valley (can’t…stop….) and write to my pen pals whenever I have time! I’m also lucky enough to really like my husband – we hang out a lot ;D I’m building a tiny human (he’s due in 9 short weeks!) so I’m not as diligent as I once was, but my pals should know that I haven’t forgotten, I still love them and I can’t wait to write again soon 🙂

Share some love with Aerin. Go tweet at her. ALL THE LOVE. Do it. She can also be found geeking out on Spotify: aerinelisabeth, TsumTsum: aerinelisabeth, and Steam: aerinelisabeth. We’ll be tweeting at Aerin over the next week asking her some hard hitting questions. Well, maybe not exactly hard hitting – but definitely silly.

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This giveaway will run from March 17 until March 25. It is open to international entrants.