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What completes a birthday party without a party dress? And in true geek form, we’re celebrating the art of cosplay today with an epic final giveaway from Wholesale Halloween Costumes!


We asked them for a bit of information on their company, and here’s what they told us!

Wholesale Halloween Costumes was obviously founded with Halloween in mind. Our team is full of fun and creative people who have always loved (or have grown to love) the holiday. However, we started to realize that there are so many other occasions to dress up for. People started sporting their robes and House colors to Harry Potter movie premieres, cosplaying at conventions and meet ups started becoming more and more the norm and people started throwing themed viewing parties for their favorite TV shows. We knew that meant there was so much more out there, which is why we started putting together makeup videos, DIY costumes and infographics that satiated our geekier sides. We wanted to show people how easy it was to become their favorite characters or submerge themselves in their fandoms with a few costume or makeup modifications. And more importantly, we wanted to show how much fun it can be to be part of a fandom and really own it.

Naturally, the team wanted to get in on some iggle party fun, so they shared their input on our top geeky questions:

We pair pen pals based on their Top 5 Geek Loves. What are yours?
1. Marvel Universe
2. DC Universe
3. Whedonverse
4. Classic Horror anything
5. Star Wars

You can’t have a BOOKish birthday without books. What are your favorite books?
1. Harry Potter
2. Hunger Games
3. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
4. Alice in Wonderland (Favorite party theme idea by far though)

Birthdays mean cake! What are your favorite flavors?
Carrot cake or Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting

We asked Brittany from Wholesale Halloween Costumes to share any stories she has relating to pen pals, and she let us in on her experience…
I lived in a town with a huge school district so when we were moving up to the middle school we got a penpal from a different elementary school to send letters to and get to know so that when we got to middle school, it wouldn’t be as scary of a transition.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes also makes some awesome YouTube videos, like this C3PO DIY make-up tutorial – check them out there! Send some love to this amazing and nerdy team on Twitter – we’ll be asking them some more questions today!

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