It wouldn’t be a BOOKish birthday without…well, some books, right? …or, maybe a LOT of bit of books, namely a large pile of them being given away by Meghan, aka @mesulli on Twitter!

The massive haul of books includes titles from Rob Thurman, Jack Campbell, Jason M. Hough, Lauren Dane, Jaye Wells, Dorothy Love, Sabrina Jeffries and more. This hauls boasts a variety of romance books, as well as some great Young Adult, Science Fiction, and Paranormal Fantasy books. Be forewarned, some erotic fiction, not for the faint of heart, from Shayla Black and Lexi Blake is also included.

Meghan is an environmental scientist by trade but an artist at heart, and a longtime iggle. She loves all things geeky & nerdy and frequently incurs /eyerolls from her less geeky friends. She often spouts all kinds of pop culture trivia and nonsense stemming from her avid love of movies, music, art, and books. Besides being an avid reader who collects way too many books (and comics), Meghan also finds time to run a lot of half marathons (the RunDisney races are her favorite), watch (and write) about DCTV shows, write for a lifestyle blog focused on professional women, run the Sacramento Geek Girl Brunch chapter, and is attempting to venture further into the world of cosplay (Worbla is her new favorite thing). Meghan discovered IGGPPC, way back when, after the first round of pen pals had closed. She was introduced to the club via Veronica Belmot and has been involved in one way or another ever since.

A huge thanks to Meghan for giving away so many gorgeous paperback pleasures for our readers! Ain’t no party like an IGGPPC Bookish Birthday Party – just dont’ get any paper cuts! Stay tuned to Twitter, as we’ll be asking Meghan a few questions today! The pressure is on!

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This giveaway will run from March 18 until March 25. It is open to international entrants.