Us bookworms aren’t quite like everyone else… Our “rock stars” don’t throw tvs out of windows and our “celeb crushes” are usually fictional. The guest list for my Dream Dinner Party is pretty much all authors and my twitter feed is like a beginners guide to YA fiction. I understand that getting the chance to meet someone who penned a book that you hold dear is a BIG DEAL. So I thought I would share with my Iggles a few tips I have learned from book signings in general over the years.

So, firstly, how do you find out that an event is happening near you?

Twitter is usually your first port of call here. Most authors will announce a tour on twitter foremost, so following your favourites is vital. Tumblr can be handy for this purpose too, but most authors tend to use twitter regularly.

Other than that, your local bookshops will keep online listings of all the events they are hosting. And if you prefer the more direct approach, go in and ask. It’s in their best interest to tell you.

Are all events ticketed/free?

This is down to the venue of the book signing. For example, in the UK Waterstones ticket most of their book signings (tickets can be bought online or in store or are sometimes free, this is to give the book store an idea of how many people they can expect on the day). Always check beforehand to avoid disappointment. Better to ask the book shop rather than pester the author doing the signing.

Will the author sign all my books?

Usually, authors prefer to only sign the book they are promoting. This is because these events can be very busy, therefore the author will have a limited amount of time with each attendant. I would recommend taking two books, maximum. Also, be sure to buy the book from the venue that is hosting the signing! I cannot stress the importance of this enough! The venue has hosted the signing in the hopes of making a profit and may turn you away if you cannot prove your book was purchased from them. Better safe than sorry!

Can I take photos?

Yes, within limits. So no cutting in line just to take a photo and no selfies with the author in the background – this is not cool. Wait your turn and most book venues will have a member of staff there to take the photo for you.

A few other tips…

– DO take swag that the author has on the table with them (buttons, stickers etc.) – they’ve brought this as a thank you for attending the event!

– DO NOT cut in line. Everyone around you is just as much a fan as you, treat them with respect.

– DO tweet/instagram your experience! Every once in a while you may get a reply from the author themselves.

– DO check for events whenever your favourite authors are due to publish a book – this is when they are likely to do a tour.

– DO get there early, if you can – there will be a queuing area and most authors can only stay at an event for a set amount of time.

cassie clare(Myself meeting Cassie Clare – I was seriously so starstruck! Tell me any stories you guys have about meeting your favourite authors, I’d love to hear them!)