The world of MMORPGs has always been one of my favourites. These games give us the opportunity to venture through amazing places and meet new people from all over the world we would never encounter without them.  While some games focus on storylines and gameplay, others venture more towards battling and making a player-driven economy. Anything is possible, and now with Black Desert, the gaming landscape’s become a lot more interesting.


Black Desert Character Customisation

First off, I have to discuss the character customisation. If you’re like me and adore this feature in any game, you will be extremely pleased with the amount of options you get in Black Desert. Not only can you reshape the face of your character in sections to make them as unique as possible, you can even move the selected hairstyle in small sections to make it longer, shorter, wider or straight. It’s unbelievable. I personally favour the eye settings, since you can alter the pupil, the iris and the surrounding ring of the eyes. For anyone who enjoys a good customisation tool, Black Desert wins this gen.

Black Desert’s Overall Feel

Now, when it comes to the overall feel of the MMO, it isn’t a simple one. You don’t just go into raids or dungeons and hit things, which is fine for that kind of MMO; instead BD uses a lot of aspects similar to Runescape and Albion Online. So if you adored these, you’ll adore BD even more due to the beautiful landscapes and the amount of freedom you get, from fishing to breeding horses, and to raising plants or livestock to sell at the player-driven marketplace.


Black Desert and Game Mechanics

The game mechanics for Black Desert are similar to Skyforge, which in my opinion became an unrefined MMO, but has a lot of potential if it had the backings that BD has. You combine combos using the movement keys instead of clicking around and using the number keys to activate certain moves. It makes the movement and battles more fluid, and they appear less robotic in the style. However, I believe that this may annoy a small minority of MMO fans who prefer the styles of World of Warcraft, as they are used to the more traditional MMO mechanics.


Tiers are what mark the quality of pretty much everything you can gather or farm or use as tools in BD, 1 being the lowest. You start out only getting the lowest tier, and the idea is that you level up specific skills such as gathering or trading, etc, to increase the tier of things you can use. Personally, I really enjoy this aspect as it encourages players to work hard for the items they get later on.

Economy is what drives this beautiful creation. If you go to any lake, river or side of the sea, you will always encounter people fishing. If you walk around the roads long enough, you will pass people going about with trade items from one town to the other to make profit. Farming and gathering, refining items such as ore or planks of wood: any of these will get you a profit, as well as increase your skills so that you may then create even better items. It’s a big circle that you follow, but it’s so fulfilling when you successfully do these things that it feels like you’ll never tire of it.

The classes you can be are gender orientated. If you want to be a certain class, it will come with either female or male, not both. So if you wish to become a wizard, you will be male, whereas if you want to be a witch, you will be female. I find this a little outdated and feel that all classes should come with both gender options, but it seems that both genders have similar classes to each other, making it less of an issue in the long run.

Black Desert in Summary

Overall, I find Black Desert to be a landmark in MMO history. The vast content along with the gorgeous aesthetics of the world as well as the size of it, make this game one to play for hours and hours. I recommend it to all MMO fans, and as a female gamer, I enjoy the idea that you don’t have to battle endless mobs to get ahead. I adore the side of it where you can run your own farm and own many many houses that you can decorate to your pleasure, or use them as lodging for workers or refineries for your craft. It’s truly a game to cherish and I feel I will be playing it for many a year.

Have you played Black Desert? If so, what are your thoughts?