Welcome to our Birthday Week of Giveaways! We all know that when our birthday comes around, we don’t want to celebrate for just one day, we want to celebrate for an entire week! So in honor of our first birthday which is happening on March 19, 2014, we’re offering an entire week of birthday and IGGPPC themed giveaways to celebrate the occasion.

Our first giveaway will help you to stay stylish while showcasing your IGGPPC pride. We’re giving away House Pride pins from Synapse to Synapse! Sarah has kindly donated these custom made House Pride pins that showcase pride for each of our four Houses: House Granger, House Quinn, House GlaDOS and House Organa. So whatever your house, you’ll get a House Pride pin that you can wear on your clothes, on your purse, or wherever you need some flair!

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