Do you like Japan? Do you like Anime? Do you like toys? Do you like Japanese Anime toys?! Well, I know a lot of you do, because I’ve seen your geek loves! That’s why I am so excited to share the Betoyo Bento Box with you today!

Betoyo box is a monthly subscription box of Japanese anime themed collectibles, toys, and even some candies shipped straight from Hong Kong. According to Betoyo, these items are picked out by experienced buyers who have experience in toy buying and you’re guaranteed not to end up with knock off or bootleg figures or products.

The box arrived inside a thick plastic mailing envelope. Which is good because the actual cardboard box inside got a bit trashed by the mail carrier in transit. (Sorry for the poor phone photo, I seem to have lost the one I took at home.)



Box Contents: 


Sailor Moon Chibi Blind Box Figure:



This is one of two figures in the Betoyo Bento, a Sailor Moon blind box. I got Sailor Pluto. She’s really detailed and comes in several pieces you put together. She stands about two inches tall with the base. She’s quite cute and though I’m not far enough in the show yet to know who she is, I really like her! The box itself is adorable and I’m sure if I could read Japanese, it would be really fun and informative.

Attack on Titan Tin with Candies:

aotNext is a really nice Attack on Titan tin with candies inside. The package seems to show what the print on the tin is, and it looks like there are a bunch of different ones you can collect. I got one with Eren Yeager on it and it’s a really pretty tin. The candies inside are a hard candy in a sort of diamond shape and are what I am guessing is a cola flavor (cola is a popular Japanese candy flavor). They were tart and yummy! Once you’re finished, you can take out the plastic insert and the tin becomes useful as to keep things in.

Danboard Eraser:


Danbo is a character that spawned from the Manga Yotsuba&! and has grown in popularity because photographers like to use them for fun pictures. I have several Danbo toys, so I was really excited to see this eraser! I especially liked that it came inside a capsule like they do from the Japanese capsule machines. The eraser was really well detailed and even had the switch on the side and the cardboard box line on top. The only problem is it’s too cute to use!

School Idol Project Playing Cards: 



These are playing cards themed from the anime, Love Live! School Idol Project. They are nice quality, colorful and thick, with really nice clean print. They’re an odd shape which makes them hard to hold or shuffle. They’re really cute though, and I think they’ll make a great collectible item or something to take with to an anime convention to play with while waiting in line. It’ll make all the other fans jealous! From the insert included with the package, it looks like there might be different card sets to collect? It was hard to tell since I can’t read Japanese.

Gurren Lagann Figumate:



So, even though I was familiar with Gurren Lagann, I had to look up this set and the character I got. From what I can tell, there are two Figumate Gurren Lagann sets. This is the Kamina City set, from the second half of the anime after the seven year time jump. There is another series of toys for before the time jump, when the characters were younger. The figure I got is a mech, a special Grapearl, a blue edition that belonged to the character Gimmy. I actually don’t remember much about this character or his mech. I must have zoned out during this part of Gurren Lagann. I would have much preferred a Simon or a Mia, but that’s how it always works for me when it comes to blind boxes. Oh well! It’s very detailed, but it falls apart pretty easily, so it’s definitely something to put where a child or clumsy adult won’t pick it up and lose the small pieces. I wasn’t quite sure how to assemble the base, so I did my best. It’s pretty difficult to put together and it’s kinda fragile.


Price: This box comes straight from the source and from what I can tell, most of the cost for this box is eaten up in shipping. The box is USD $38 a month and that includes shipping to the US, UK, Canada, Australia etc for no extra charge. They don’t list all the countries they ship to, so if you live somewhere different, they may or may not ship to you or it may cost extra, so check first. They also offer a 3 month plan that costs USD $110, which comes out to $36.67 a month, so you get a little discount there.

Value: I tried and failed to get a value on each of these items. A lot of these items are imported and hard to find, or you have to order them in bulk, so it was difficult to get a true value for how much it would cost to import each of these things from Japan or Hong Kong. While looking around, it was hard for me to tell what was fake and what wasn’t, as some of those import sites can be a little sketchy. As someone who doesn’t usually buy this kind of stuff, I didn’t really know how much it would cost. I estimate this sort of stuff would be about $40-$50 USD if you could import it, possibly more expensive if you found it at conventions. I didn’t see a ton of value here in individual items, but again it’s a matter of being able to find these things and get them shipped for a decent price, and shipping can be quite expensive.

Quality: Everything in the box was great quality. Nothing was a knock-off, it was all name brand and the candy was fresh, the eraser soft and new. Though the outside of my box got pretty severely damaged by the post, the contents were all nice and safe. I also loved the touch of the red ribbon tied around the box. It was especially cute.

Bottom Line: This is a unique subscription box. I don’t know of any others out there like it. It caters to lovers of anime and collectibles, and I think it does a good job of it. Everything in here was recognizable, and though I’m not familiar with School Idol Project, my husband knew about it and it seems to be pretty popular. I chalk that up to me not being current enough on my anime watching. That being said, I wish there would have been more inside the box. It feels like if the shipping is the most expensive part, at least one more item could have been thrown in. The site does say that 5-6 items will be included, so it seems like some months you get more. Maybe since there were two figures in this box, and I assume figures are some of the more pricey items that can go into this box, there were only five this time. Since this is a pretty new subscription box (from what I can tell, it’s been around since June 2014), I’ll let you make your own judgements about how things may evolve over time as they become more established. If you’re interested in anime or Japanese collectibles, you should really check out this box! They’re really dedicated to getting high quality, unique items to your door. I love what came in the box, and I think they did a great job curating a variety of interesting and adorable items. I’m seriously considering a subscription for myself, though I first need to figure out where I’ll put all the toys! So seriously, go check out Betoyo Bento Box if you’re interested!

Note, this box was given to me for review by Betoyo. However, I was not paid for my review. 

Now for the giveaway! I am giving away three items from the box: the two figures and the playing cards. Now, these have been opened for the sake of the review but they are otherwise unused. Just don’t get upset by the opened blind boxes. I had to open them! Anyway, enter below!

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