Hello! Welcome to “Because, Dragons!” where I’ll be talking all things Game Of Thrones! Some of you may know me as “Bad Rolf” over on my Doctor Who posts here, but I will now be expanding my geeky writings to include Game Of Thrones, the TV show based off of the Song Of Ice And Fire books by George R.R. Martin.

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Before I get going I have to address a very important question, and that is how I will be treating book spoilers. There are a few ways that I can go about writing about Game of Thrones. One way is to avoid the books entirely, however I would rather not do this.  I have read every single book in A Song Of Ice And Fire, and honestly I want to talk about them! I also might forget what was or was not included in the TV show, so I feel like trying to completely avoid the books just isn’t realistic. Another option is to make everything in the books and TV show thus far fair game. However, this is not really fair to you Iggles who haven’t read the books yet.

So here is what I think I’m going to do, and you can let me know what you think. I’m going to mostly stick to the TV show, but on certain posts I will focus on book vs tv show and I will make that very clear in the title of the post. I will also preface anything I mention about the books with *book spoilers* and I will try my best to only mention book things that would not spoil future events in the TV show for those who have not or do not want to read the books. But, I do want to clarify that anything that has aired on the TV show will be fair game for me to write about and discuss here. Basically I’m going to try my best to follow Wil Wheton’s law and to not be a dick, sound good?

OK, cool.

So, since this month’s theme is Super Villains, let’s talk about the baddies in Game Of Thrones!

One of the great things about the show is that there are a LOT of characters who are most definitely not good, but not quite bad either. There are a lot of characters in the grey area, characters that are technically bad guys but that we still are able to feel sympathy for. One excellent example is Cersi. However, for this post I’d like to focus on the characters that I think it is safe to say are definitely 100% villains.

Walder Frey.
This is the guy who organized the Red Wedding, all because he was mad that Rob Stark didn’t marry who he said he would. This guy is also rude, arrogant, mean, and has a long list brides who are far too young for him. Granted, Rob Stark did break a pretty important political agreement, but that doesn’t mean you can kill them and their entire family! The fact that the Freys blatantly violated guest right (usually if you eat someone’s bread and salt that means that you’re safe in their house) just adds one more thing to hate about this guy.

The Boltons.
These would be the ones who helped the Freys betray the Starks. These would also be the guys who flay people on the regular. Just in case you would forget that their morals are questionable, they even have a flayed man as their sigil. In the TV shows they’ve done a great job at showing just how awful Ramsey Bolton is in particular, and it makes me very anxious to see what happens to Sansa at Winterfell because *book spoilers* Jeyne Poole didn’t fare so well when she was the one married to Ramsey. There’s been a lot of focus on Ramsey specifically in the show, but let’s not forget that he learned it all somewhere. In last week’s episode it was revealed that Ramsey was conceived when his mother got married without Roose Bolton’s permission and he hanged her husband while he raped her. Like I said, bad guys.

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image source: fanpop.com

Long story short, he sacrifices his sons and sleeps with his daughters. Because of his proximity to The Wall, he was a fairly good stopping point for the Rangers of the Night’s Watch North of the Wall, but he used this to his advantage and to deliberately screw with them. Also, according to the TV show he apparently abandoned two of his daughters to die a horrible death when they both contracted Greyscale. I have mourned a lot of characters on this show, but this was one man that I was not sorry to see go.

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image source villains.wikia.com

We all loved to hate him, and no one was sad when he died at his wedding, the jerk. Everyone else on this list was/is dangerous because they’re all calculating to some degree. They all have an end game. Joffery was dangerous because nothing was calculated. He was impulsive and volatile and loved seeing other people in pain, especially when he was the one that caused it.

The Sons Of The Harpy.
These are the guys that are messing things up for Dany in Meereen. Figuring out if we actually sympathize with them or not is complicated because Dany IS blatantly ignoring the customs and traditions of the city that she is conquering, and seems to be taking the political route called “I have dragons, so do what I say.” (I suppose the actual word for what she is doing would be a dictatorship.) However, the fact remains that they are responding to the new government with terror. Therefore, villains.

The White Walkers.
These five are all bad guys, but in the grand scheme of things, none of them compare to the last villain on my list. Most of the characters in Game of Thrones are mostly concerned about their own power struggles, and are completely ignoring the biggest villain on the show! I’m of course talking about the White Walkers.

Now, while I guess you can make an argument that any human character could technically be a good guy, I think everyone can agree that the White Walkers are definitely bad news. I think everyone can also agree that everyone in the south should really stop worrying about who is king and start worrying about how on earth the Night’s Watch will be able to hold these guys back. Let’s not forget that the reason the Free Folk saw the need to band together to go south of the wall, and why they had GIANTS in their side, was because they knew that once winter came, so would the White Walkers. Not only did this recognized need for survival band together the Free Folk for the first time in basically ever, it is actually holding a shaky peace treaty together between the Nights Watch and the remaining Free Folk! Even though the White Walkers are basically evil, I can’t wait to see more of them on the show. It raises the stakes so much just knowing that there is a power creeping south that is aiming to completely wipe out Westeros!

Did I miss one of your favorite villains? There are certainly more despicable characters in the show and in the books, so let me know in the comments!