By now you have probably watched the amazing Batman v Superman trailer that was released at SDCC. If not, I’ll give you a moment to revel in it:

I decided that we should focus on the trailer in a slightly different way. We all know that Superman is a powerful being from a different planet. Through that there will always be adversity within our world. So this appears to be at least based loosely on the adversity Superman will have to face from the world. Apparently the premise of the fight will be from the after effects of Superman’s fight with Zod. Destructions of buildings midday with people in them tend to have consequences.

It seems that Batman takes up the fight against Superman for the excessive destruction. Yet his fight with Superman probably will result in an equal amount of destruction. (I’m hoping that this is not a hypocritical situation).

Batman does not disappoint in his moody goth boy attitude. The iron bat suit seems pretty cool… so that is totally something worth seeing. My main issue is that there appears to be, yet again, another flashback to his origin story.

I have one question. Does ANYONE not know why Batman is an angsty multi-billionaire? Does ANYONE not know that his parents were killed in front of him??


Then why do we always have, in the trailer, yet another Batman origin story. It shows clearly the kid crying, a body and two coffins going into a mausoleum. Why??? Is this really needed for the progression of the story??

Other than that there is something I am very excited about! Our first official trailer with Wonder Woman. That alone makes the trailer. Who needs the Bat and Superman having an epic battle filled with fists and eye lazers? Give me an awesome woman fighting any day! So far the hints at Wonder Woman totally make me squee, but I figured having me squee through this whole page wasn’t appropriate.

image source: Movie Web

image source: Movie Web

I am also quite interested to see how Jesse Eisenberg plays Lex Luthor. Apparently Lex has hair in this version (at least within the previews). Jesse has that ability to play a character that is just obnoxious enough to dislike instantly, which makes me concerned about the portrayal of Lex Luthor. I have always viewed Lex as someone quite debonaire in some ways. Ruthless and self focused, but yet possessing the ability to be a great businessman. I will remain cautiously optimistic for his role.

Asides from all that I was a little saddened that there was no hint at Aquaman. I a very interested to see how all the other heroes will tie into one larger story.

So I am sure that there will be at least one more epic trailer released before the March 2016 opening, until then this has all the action and excitement that you would expect from an epic DC movie. I am sure it will be just as dark and broody as most DC films, Bats don’t fly during the day you know.

Feature Image: Geek Vox