Cover of Batgirl Annual #2The second annual for Batgirl is a story that includes Posion Ivy as a main focus. In fact, the story is called ‘When Pamela Gets Blue’ and is written by Gail Simone, with art by Robert Gill and by Javier Garrón, colors by Romulo Fajardo, Jr., and letters by Rob Leigh.

I’ll admit I was a little confused about the story and had to give it a couple reads, which was fine by me because the art is absolutely stunning. I especially loved the Bat symbol surrounded by plant growth marking the changing seasons and time of the story.

The story moves forward as Batgirl tries to track down a multi-millionaire who is causing good people, good people who are sick, to do bad things. But that story is more of a vehicle to show Poison Ivy’s conflicts over the year. This story makes you truly feel for Poison Ivy. As someone who is yearly afflicted with Seasonal Affective Disorder, I identify with some of Poison Ivy’s responses and reactions, though maybe not in quite the same psychotic way.batsymbols

There is also a shout-out to Harley Quinn (total aside, but I’ve been catching up on Arrow and recently had a chance to watch the ‘Suicide Squad’ episode. Harley Quinn was in it! Who else caught that? As Digg and Lyla are fighting you hear a high voice say “Do you guys need some therapy? I’m a trained therapist?” and the shot moves to show the back of Harley’s head canting to the side as Amanda Waller hits the glass pane on Harley’s cell door. Loved it!) and of course one of Ivy’s trademark kisses.

I’d love to see Gail Simone write more Poison Ivy. Simone brings compassion to just about every character she writes without altering the base nature of the character. Plus, Poison Ivy is fun and she’s an environmentalist at heart.

Swift Sizzle

Comixology Update

If you buy digital comics on an iOS device you are already well aware of the recent changes. In short, Amazon purchased Comixology and now Comixology is not okay with the cut taken by Apple for sales made on iOS devices. As a result, you can no longer purchase digital comics through the app on your iOS devices. This does change the convenience slightly, although you could still use the browser on your device. But sometimes that extra step of logging in somewhere else and then syncing and downloading can be problematic. As a result of the changes, Comixiology did load accounts with a free $5 credit (which I’ve already spent). There are also still some kinks with the new app and the transition (not all my books are showing up as available in the new app), but customer service has been both timely and helpful with their responses (which is rare these days). Overall, I’ll still buy my digital books (I don’t have anywhere to store hard copies) but I will have to plan purchase times a little better. What do you think? Will this stop you from buying digital comics? Will you jump through the extra hoops?

Batman 75 Update

DC has released more information on the swag that will be available on Batman Day on July 23rd. I don’t know about you, but I totally want one of the capes! Batman Day does happen to fall during Comic Con so it will be interesting to see the quantity of giveaways they bring to the convention. The swarming mass of people always makes it hard to pick up some things. As a result, I’ll be sending friends and family out to the local shops to try to score a cape and mask just in case I fail miserably at the Con.

cape giveaway for Batman Day


Image Comics Humble Bundle

Are you familiar with Humble Bundle? They sell cool stuff, at prices you determine, and the money goes to charity along with the creator. They’ve bundle games and books and now they’ve got a bundle with trades of key Image Comics titles. And the supported charity with the bundle is the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Get on this! Buy it now! I did and I already own a few of the titles. Fatale and Saga are amazing.

books available in Image Comics Humble Bundle

 Free Comic Book Day on May 3rd

And last, but certainly not least, tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day!!! This is an awesome opportunity to get out in droves to support local comic book stores, meet fellow readers, and introduce new people to comics. .A wide variety of titles are available (I’m hoping to score a copy of the Duck Tales book. Don’t judge. Still my favorite cartoon ever!). And a large number of comic creators are usually out at shops meeting people and signing. You can find who will be out and about from DC here and check out all the titles potentially available here. So find your local comic shop and go say hi tomorrow!

That’s it for this month Iggles. I’ll see you again next month. But until then – comment here or find me on twitter. Let’s talk about what you’re reading! And of course May the Fourth be with you!