I have come across several geeky bands in my Internet adventures and I wanted to start doing some interviews with them. To help them promote their music and to share with all of you. So here is another one of those, this time with Bonecage. You can find his music at http://thebonecage.bandcamp.com or on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/jeffdutton10

1) Give us an intro on who you are and what your music sounds like

I like to think of myself as a cross between Jonathan Coulton and Tenacious D. I’m always trying as hard as I can to make songs that are well written and interesting while still having a humorous slant. I guess maybe I secretly want to write “serious” songs, but at the same time, “serious” songs seem ridiculous to me.

2) How did you get started with music, being an artist?

I started playing guitar when I was 15. My neighbor and his friends all picked up instruments in the summer before high school, and they needed a bass player to round out the band. We did covers (terribly) and wrote some originals (even more so). Eventually, that band kind of faded, and our drummer joined a pop punk band called Flinch.

Somehow (I don’t quite remember) I was asked to play guitar, and I spent the next 7 or 8 years making a few albums and doing some limited touring. During that time, we built out own studio, and I started getting into recording and mixing. I also got a lot better as writing.

Jump ahead. I’m out of college, Flinch is winding down, and I have this decent studio space to play with. I start recording songs about flying monkeys and robots taking over the world. Some good, some awful, but great experience. During this time, I’m also experimenting with recording stuff on my home computer.

Years later, I move to Texas with my wife and get deeper into recording. Blah blah, you’re bored now, but eventually I get good enough to record an album of songs that I don’t hate, name the album “Bacon” which I will forever regret, and hook up with the Funny Music Podcast folks. Now I’m basically famous, but without the fame or money…

3) What sort of music did you listen to growing up? What influenced you early on in life? And what (if any) sticks with you from that time?

My entire childhood can be summed up with this: AC/DC and Weird Al. Seriously, I was OBSESSED with both. Whole reason I started playing guitar, and the only thing I ever played to learn was AC/DC (god bless you Angus Young!). And Weird Al… well come on. He’s him. Do I really need to explain?!

Afterwards, Beck, Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots, etc. All that 90s/2000s rock and pop punk stuff.

4) What do you want people to know about your music?

I’m a nice person, and I’m just joking. If you’re offended, then you’re doing something wrong (of course I don’t think poor people smell like fish!).

To me, music is not serious. People who are all brooding and intense about their music, just chill the crap out. Relax, and write something fun for once. What the hell is the point in listening to a bunch of stuff that depresses you?

And while I’m on it, people should give comedy music more respect. It’s way harder to write a good song dolphin rape than a love song.

5) Who are you influenced by now?

Now, it’s weird, but I don’t listen to much music. I don’t know why, I guess I just am tired of analyzing mixes and stuff. When I do, it’s mostly old 80s songs, JoCo songs (so I can hate myself more), and classical music. When you listen to classical music, you realize that nothing you write will ever matter, and you are a giant hack.

6) What do you think of the ways people share music now? (streaming sites, downloads, etc)

Hmm, well I never made any money selling albums, so that model means nothing to me. I feel like all this digital stuff is good if you know how to use it. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough fans to make an educated guess as to what that way is. Ask me this in 5 years when I’m either a massive rock star or crushed and broke, eating Cheetos on the couch and wiping orange tears from my bloated worn out eye holes.

7) If you could wake up tomorrow knowing how to play any instrument what would it be?

Piano. Piano is god.

8) Are there any artists you really love right now?

All I do is listen to Podcasts. I know is probably not the “artists” you mean, but Marc Maron, Adam Carolla, Joe Rogan, etc inspire me more than anything else at the moment.

Also, I know I keep mentioning JoCo, but if I do ever attain some modicum of success, I will draft a handwritten thank you letter to him and mail it with one of my ears. Seeing him do what he did makes me think “Hey, maybe I can do that too”.

9) What do you want to express with your music?

Laugh and have fun a little bit. It’s easy to be pissed off all day, mad at politics, mad at work. I’m guilty of that, and the only thing that helps is laughing. Comedy is probably the greatest thing in our society and does not get the respect it deserves. I’m just trying to add in some small way to that pool.

10) What 3 songs would you have to be on your ultimate mix tape?

Ouch, tough one. Hmm, maybe… Weird Al – One More Minute, AC/DC – Highway to Hell, Theme Song from Back to the Future. I’m terrible at this!