Welcome to the next installment of Avengers Wearable Makeup! Today we’re creating a look for the first Avenger, Captain America. This one is fairly straight forward but I’ll explain everything as I go with handy dandy pictures and words. Let’s go do our makeup!

First apply your foundation and concealer and contour as you would like, I do not contour simply because it’s kinda confusing.

Naked face (gasp!)

Foundation, Conceiler and powder

Don’t forget to prime those beautiful eyeballs.

Next I will be taking a matte black eyeshadow and just doing the outer corners of my eyes.

Black Shadow

This will create a more cat eye shape.

Next I will be using a darker blue right next to the black.

Blue eyeshadow

Now, while I have a lot of colors in this pallet…I don’t have red. It annoys the living daylights out of me, and instead I used Sally Beauty’s brand of baked eyeshadow.

Red eyeshadow

It looks kind of rusty at first but it’s red I promise! I used a sponge applicator for this.

On to the last color!

White eyeshadow

I applied this color to the inner corner, you can apply these colors in any order you want I just advise that you place the darkest ones on the outside and the lightest on the inside. Something I’ve done in the past with this look is add a star or three on the curve of my eye socket, if you do this remember; Odd numbers are pleasing to the eye. And now we’ve got Captain America’s color palette!

Okay, all the colors are in place, on to eyeliner!


I use Avon’s Extend precision, pen liner, it works really well and stays all day, in Texas weather…which, lately, is saying something. I lined my eyes in a 40’s kind of style, a small rounded wing, but you can do it however you’d like.


Can you see it? *takes off glasses and squints* I can’t tell… either way, line your eyeballs, that’s what I’m trying to say here.

After the lining of the eyes, I moved on to my water line. I used two colors for this, black and a turquoise blue.

eyeliner blue eyeliner black

I used the black one on my actual waterline, I only did it about 1/4 of the way because it makes my eyes look bigger.


This is your waterline, and there’s right shark.
With the blue I went below my lower lash line and put a little wing on it, just a small one.


Lower lash line

Almost done with the eyes, mascara is next

Crazy mascara Crazy mascara

This is my crazy mascara, it looks scary but it is fantastic. Regardless, mascara those lashes.


Now flutter them a bit just because you can and that’s it for the eyes, on to the lips!


I highly recommend using a chapstick, Eos or something of the like before you put on any lipstick, this is the most red lipstick I’ve ever come across and I love it.


Look at how red it is! So very bright!

WE’RE DONE!! Go forth into the world and be Captain America!

Finished product

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After I finish with the Avengers, what would you like to see me do?