It’s time for another makeup look inspired by a fictional character. This edition is based upon the butt-kicking Black Widow, Natalia Alianovna “Natasha” Romanoff!

This tutorial is pretty simple, not too fancy, two colors. I really liked doing this one, it was very relaxing for me. I like Black Widow a lot, she’s not my favorite character but she’s good and she’s got an interesting story. Anyway, on with the tutorial!

First prime the face and eyes, put foundation, concealer, contour, all that jazz.

Next use black eyeshadow to make a wing and I blended this into my crease, I always do.

BW Black eyeshadow

since I think I’m going to be doing the red lipstick trick a lot I figured I’d explain more indepth how to do it. First I put a little of the lipstick onto a sponge applicator and I spread it onto the lid, then I’ll take some loose powder and put that on the red, the powder will help keep the red from smudging, if your eyes are like mine, slightly hooded, I’d try to keep my eyes closed.

BW Red eyeshadow

Next I lined my eyes, I just followed the wing I’d already made and lined the top.

BW Eyeliner

Next is the waterline, I just did about halfway and smudged it. If it’s smudged in the first place people won’t notice as the day goes on.

BW Waterline

Next mascara, I didn’t do any this time around. After that, lips.

BW Lipstick

I really like the red, it’s Elf and it feels really good.

BW Final

Now you’re prepared to face the day!

Let me know what characters you’d like to see next!