Welcome to the first in a series of wearable makeup looks inspired by the Avengers! First up is my Iron Man look, as he is considered the co-leader (mom) of the Avengers. Let’s get started!

This tutorial is very fluid. I don’t normally do my Iron Man makeup this way so if you want to do the wing shorter or longer, or if you want to put the colours in different orders, go for it! This tutorial is more of a guideline, or inspiration for the next time you play with your makeup!

Iron Man: Step by Step

First off, prime your face – put on foundation, concealer, contour, whatever it is you like to do. I didn’t do any of that this time; I haven’t been wearing foundation very often. It kind of messes with my skin and I can’t be bothered to take it off.

Black wing

Next, I used a matte black shadow to make a wing and in my crease, pretty simple.

Red lipstick eyeshadow

This is a trick I learned around Halloween, and as long as you don’t use this all the time your skin should be safe. BUT, just so you know, lipstick is for the lips, don’t use it all the time for something else! I’ve seen people use it for blush, but it made me break out. I’ve used it on my eyelids twice, ever. I used this because I don’t own bright red eyeshadow. If you do it, use a sponge tip to press it gently onto the lid.

Blue shadow

Next I put a light blue shadow in my inner corner, blending it as well as I could into the red.

Gold shadow

Next I figured out that these two little things here are gold flakes! I used my pinky to put it right on my inner corner and on the red to make it sparkly~


Then I thinly lined my eyes. I didn’t really see a need to do a wing because I already had one and I thought it’d just look awkward.

almost done

Almost done! Add some mascara and for some reason that day I decided on grey lipstick? I don’t know why I did that, but it looks okay I guess. Present Liz would have gone with red, but whatever Past Liz, you know what you wanted.


This is it! My glasses like to ruin pictures of my makeup but it’s okay, they help me see things so I don’t complain often.

If you have questions or comments, leave them below and I will try to answer in a timely fashion!

Which characters would you like to see in my future makeup tutorials?