About magiccatjenny

Jenny is a creative storyteller. She’s in love with the culture and creative space of YouTube and now manages the clubs’ YouTube channel. For years she’s worked in the YouTube industry and is now sharing her experience and knowledge as an independent YouTube Marketing Consultant. Originally from southern California she now lives in Annapolis, MD with her scientist/musician husband, Jim. If she was not allergic (so tragic) she’d own a cat, but instead, she settles for dressing up as one to places like BroadwayCon. She also runs an Etsy shop for geeks, feminists, and musical theater nerds, where you can get buttons, magnets, stickers, and more. When she’s not making videos or crafting she enjoys exploring the world with Jim, reading books, listening to live music, and writing her own stories. Her motto is: if you want something to exist, just create it!